Breast milk eye drops 1It’s been almost two years since I first blogged about breast milk eye drops, and I’m at it again.

Last time it was me with the eye infection (it was swiftly cured by pouring drops of my own milk into my eye) but this time it’s Little B, who’s had blocked tear ducts (pictured).

Apparently blocked tear ducts are really common and can last for up to a year (a year!). Our doctor suggested massaging the area under his eyes from the edge of the eye towards the nose to encourage the fluid to flow through, as well as keeping his eyes clean, but with his eyes literally sealed shut with gunk and him trying desperately to open them I had to do something.

So here’s how to make eye drops out of breast milk:

1. Express milk into a (sterilised) beaker.

2. Draw the milk up into a (sterilised) syringe – I use the one that comes with Calpol.

3. Drop the milk into the baby’s eyes every hour or so. I also squirt it onto cotton wool to wipe the gunk away too.

Of course Misery Guts was sceptical – ‘are you quite sure you should be doing that?’ – but low and behold, the following day, his eyes were completely clear (also pictured). I carried on with my self-doctoring for another day or two anyway, just to be on the safe side, but the problem hasn’t recurred.

Breast milk eye drops 2

Isn’t breast milk amazing?

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