8 week jabsLittle B’s gorgeous, podgy legs are now sporting a pair of plasters thanks to the administration of his 8 week jabs (pictured). It was an ordeal, in more ways than one. As if getting us all up, breakfasted, dressed and out of the door by 9.15am wasn’t bad enough, it was raining cats and dogs and we had no option but to go on foot.

In order to get to the surgery in the fastest possible time and avoid unnecessary drenching, there was nothing for it but to put BB in the pushchair with the rain cover (I was hoping her pushchair days were over) and Little B in the papoose, under the cover of my coat.

We couldn’t have got any wetter. The rain was so torrential (and too windy to attempt balancing an umbrella on my head/shoulders while pushing) it soaked through my coat and onto Little B within minutes, and we arrived literally dripping.

Still, at least we were on time, which of course the nurse was not. After dripping in the waiting room for 15 minutes, and getting chilly with damp, we were eventually called in, where I peeled off Little B’s babygro and prepared to feed him while he had the jabs.

I breast fed BB while she had all of hers, and she barely even flinched, so had resolved to do the same the second time round. But with one jab needed in each leg the nurse pointed out I would have had to feed Little B on each side, and given she was running behind she clearly didn’t have time for that.

I should have been more assertive and insisted on feeding him while she did it. It was our appointment and our time, and we were well within our rights to make the most of it – it wasn’t our fault she was running late. But I didn’t.

I let her stick the needle in each of his legs while he screamed and had to wait until we got back to the waiting room to comfort him. It’s been bothering me ever since, but it won’t happen again.

Next time I will insist on getting my boobs out, I don’t care how late they’re running.

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