Wedding hair 1There’s something about going on holiday that makes you come back and want to start again, with a new refreshed outlook on life. It’s been more than a week since we returned from Portugal and I’m still doing my best to maintain that post-holiday glow, mainly by slapping on the after sun twice a day. But having actually had time to peruse the fashion mags filled with summer trends while on said holiday, I’ve had my annual ‘it’s high time to change something about my appearance’ attack.

The problem is, I might be creative with the written word but I’m pretty useless when it comes to being creative fashion-wise. The whole thing frightens me. Take my hair for example; it’s been the same for years. The only time in the last four years I have deviated from a centre parting and straightened sides was on my wedding day (pictured), when I enlisted the help of someone who actually knew what they were doing, and last summer when my (very creative) friend neatly plaited it for me (also pictured).

Plaited hair

Even though she painstakingly told and showed me exactly what to do, I still can’t recreate those plaits. And I’ve tried, I really have.

But post-holiday it’s with a renewed sense of vigour that I’ve decided to try and embrace something new, and I think I’ve found the answer:, a website dedicated to all things hair. There are how-to guides for novices like me, inspiration from the red carpet and all the products you need to recreate the ‘dos.

Of course it’s going to take me a while to get to grips with some new styles, so there’s no photo evidence yet (sorry). But if you’re in need of some hair-spiration, do take a look…

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post