Pedestrian-related accidents happen almost all the time. Some can be minor, and others can be quite severe and life-changing.

Walking instead of getting buses or trains can be a great option, but the risk of injury from accidents is high. The pedestrian accident claim process can also prove to be daunting. 

pedestrian accident victims

Read on for a detailed insight into some of the life-changing injuries pedestrian accident victims can suffer on the road. 

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Life-changing injuries pedestrian accident victims can suffer from

1. Traumatic brain injuries  

Head injuries as a result of getting hit while walking on the road can change lives. A hard knock to the head might cause immediate or delayed problems like vision problems and focus trouble. These injuries can lead to bruises, poor sleep, feeling dizzy, and shaky movements.  Those who are hurt might also be sensitive to lights or sounds, feel worried or sad, and their mood can flip. These types of injuries shift how we live each day, often requiring medical help and work to get better. The injuries aren’t just physical, but also affect thinking and feelings, shaping how a person goes about their life. 

2. Fractures 

There’s no getting away from the fact broken bones hurt. In the worst cases, doctors might have to amputate – changing someone’s life forever. Also, recovering from broken bones is a journey. It is not just the body that needs to heal, but the heart too.

pedestrian accident victims

3. Spinal cord injuries 

Another kind of injury that can be life-changing when you are hit on the road is a spinal cord injury. Getting better usually means long-term care and lots of support, and may mean time off work until you are recovered.

4. Soft-tissue injuries 

Even though lacerations, contusions, sprains, strains, and tears are normally tagged as minor injuries, they shouldn’t be underestimated. While not life-threatening, they can be very painful and limit mobility. Recovery from such injuries can take years. Some cases may also need surgery, physical therapy, and medication to be fully cured. In some severe cases, cosmetic surgery may be needed to fix disfigurement that such an injury can bring, impacting both physical and emotional health.

pedestrian accident victims

5. Internal injuries 

Internal injuries are invisible. They may damage organs, cause deep bleeding, and pose a big risk if not found. When a person on foot gets hit by a car, the chance of internal injury rises. From internal bleeding and broken ribs to damage to the lungs and brain, the harm can be significant. Symptoms may not manifest immediately, tempting the injured to forego medical help. However, every moment counts. Delaying treatment heightens the risk of irreversible damage or, worse, adds weight to the urgency of prompt intervention and care. 

Final thoughts 

In the event of an accident, pedestrians can suffer life-threatening injuries. Even the smallest impact from a crash can be quite deadly. Always ensure you remain vigilant on the road and exercise caution to help avoid sustaining the above injuries.

pedestrian accident victims

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