English: Marks & Spencer at Robinsons Mall, Ma...So Marks and Spencer is in trouble. Again. The chain has reported a big fall in profits and the blame has been laid squarely at the changing room doors: sales of general merchandise, including clothes, are down 4.1% – that’s hundreds of millions of pounds to you and me.

This surprises me. Since becoming a mum I have bought more clothes from M&S than I’ve ever bought in my entire life. Underwear used to be the only St Michael garments you’d find in my drawers – now I own coats, jeans, tops, jumpers, vests, bags, even shoes.

I first ‘discovered’ M&S in 2011 while en route to the baby section for newborn essentials and was pleasantly surprised by their offering. Yet an industry ‘expert’ described their SS13 clothing ranges as ‘frumpy and shapeless’ on BBC Breakfast this morning. Oh dear. I fear this reflects worse on me than it does on them.

Now I don’t pretend to know what I’m talking about, but am I alone in thinking their designs aren’t that bad? And surely I can’t be the only 30-something mum impressed enough to start shopping at M&S for more than just food and pants?

Or perhaps not. Perhaps, like my plastic glasses and Clarks WaveWalkers, I am at the top of a very slippery slope indeed…