Crummy Mummy's new glassesNew glasses alert (pictured). I’m quite pleased with them, given that I could hardly see when I chose them thanks to the administration of eye drops 20 minutes earlier. BB quite likes them too. And even Misery Guts noticed a difference.

But on reflection I’ve realised they’re the thin end of the wedge. This is the first pair of glasses I’ve bought in which practicality came first, style second. The two must-haves were:

1) Arms as thin as possible so I don’t have a blind spot when driving or crossing the road. Why do all the ‘fashionable’ frames have such thick arms?
2) Lenses as big as possible so I can see as much as possible. No more chic oblong frames for me.

Of course these requirements narrowed down my choice dramatically, and ruled out all designer frames. Which is just as well, as I don’t understand them. The designer offerings all seem to come with their brand name emblazoned on the arms – does Missoni realise the ‘M’ on their frames looks like the Morrisons logo? Presumably not. And Gok Wan’s range all look like Gok Wan’s own glasses, in different colours. Who on earth wants to look like Gok Wan, apart from Gok himself?

There is one upside in opting for the standard-issue, NHS equivalent plastic frames though. The price. And the fact it doesn’t matter if BB breaks them.

Good grief, I sound like a mother…