When you look at this photo, what do you see? Apologies for #MySundayPhoto being another breastfeeding image (and again in a pub!) but after the story of a man who took exception to a mum breastfeeding her baby in a pub on Mother’s Day hit the headlines this week I couldn’t resist. This is me on Mothering Sunday – feeding Littlest B in a pub. I see the most natural thing in the world: a mum nursing her newborn baby – calm, contented and pure. Unfortunately the man at the centre of this story, Sheldon Sparks, sees something different: something ‘inappropriate’ which shouldn’t be done in public. Thankfully the majority of the great British public sided with the mum on this one, and I was proud to speak up for her and other breastfeeding mums on ITV’s This Morning this week. When you look at this photo what do you see?