Kids Cubbies, Cubby house furniture and Kids p...There is much excitement in our neck of the woods: a new nursery is about to open and I don’t know who’s more excited – the adults or the children. It all started a few months ago when the boards were removed from the windows of a derelict house on the way to the shops, right next door to a well-established, but tired looking, nursery.

First trees were pulled down and a beautifully crafted wooden tepee and pirate ship appeared in their place, then shiny emerald astro turf went down in perfectly aligned stripes. BB – and the rest of the children in the neighbourhood – were beside themselves every time they passed, and stopping to admire the latest playground furniture has become routine. Much ooing and ahhing has been audible, and not just from the kids.

But now a handsome brick wall has been built around the perimeter, forcing kids onto the shoulders of parents to see what gems lie beyond. The other day I actually overheard a dad, clutching his daughter by the knees as she lurched this way and that, telling her to describe what she could see.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the existing nursery next door. Especially since a sign boasting ‘secure parental webcams’ (ridiculous) went up at the new place yesterday. How does one compete with that? Scheduled Skype sessions? But if the super duper garden is anything to go by, imagine what lies within.

I have no intention of moving BB from her much loved nursery, further down the same road, but there’s no harm in having a look, just for curiosity’s sake, is there?