Best burger in the UK 1I have just eaten one of the top 5 burgers in the UK, apparently. A large a-board declares the accolade outside Lucky Beach café on Brighton seafront (pictured), and although it’s not clear to which burger on the six-strong menu the achievement belongs, exactly when the claim to fame was awarded (this year? Last year? Five years ago?) or who voted for said burger, I must (grudgingly) admit mine was genuinely among the best I’ve ever tasted. And – shock horror – there was no beef in sight.

Grilled halloumi topped with a large flat field mushroom, roasted red pepper and kale, all skewered together in a glazed bun (pictured).

Halloumi burger

That’s a positively healthy burger, in my book.

Of course burger lovers will argue it’s not really a burger unless some sort of meat patty is involved, and then there’s the age old debate about whether the bun should contain tomato or not. My verdict is they should contain neither: halloumi, mushroom, pepper and kale are officially the perfect burger partners.