Nursery school leaving present ideasToday is BB’s last day of preschool before starting school on Monday. The presents for staff have been flowing in all week – according to BB wine is the best present. When I asked her how she knew this, she said: ‘because I’ve heard them talking about it.’ Fair enough. If I were a preschool teacher that would be my favourite present too.

I thought it only fair that everyone from the cleaners to the cooks to the actual key workers are thanked for their efforts, as they’ve all had a part in BB’s time there, so sadly our budget doesn’t stretch to wine (I’ve even heard of mums and dads shelling out on cases of champagne).

Apart from alcohol, what makes a good nursery school leaving present?

I thought about it for a little while and came up with the idea of a DIY hamper with a ‘girls’ night in’ theme (all the staff are women. I think.) I got Misery Guts to ‘acquire’ a wicker basket from work, then went to Boots where I loaded up on face masks, chocolate and popcorn. I lined the basket with tissue paper and arranged it all nicely inside with a curly ribbon.

Hopefully it’s done the trick – I’ll find out when I go and collect her. I just hope I’m not being cursed for the lack of wine…

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