Did you know that nappy rash affects one in three babies at some point in their nappy-wearing life?

And that protecting their little bottoms from getting red before nappy rash kicks in is the best form of defence?

nappy rash

If you’re the owner of a nappy-wearing baby or toddler like me you’ll know that nappy rash is the worst, not only causing them discomfort but making nappy changing an ordeal and leading to broken nights too.

The question is, what can we do about it?

We’ve teamed up with BritMums and baby skincare experts Bepanthen to shine a light on their #BepanthenProtects campaign, all about how to care for delicate baby skin and protect little bottoms from the causes of nappy rash in the process.

Protecting little bottoms from nappy rash with Bepanthen

A newborn baby’s skin is 40% thinner and also softer than grown-up skin, making it super sensitive and more prone to irritants – like number ones and number twos. Coupled with a tight nappy which can rub and stop the air circulating, when you think about it, it’s not surprising their skin can react.

I’ve used Bepanthen with all my three of my babies, both their stretch mark cream (for me) and their nappy care ointment (for them).

nappy rash

It’s clinically proven to protect from the irritants and rubbing that can cause nappy rash, by forming a breathable layer over the skin, and it’s enriched with provitamin B5 too, helping the skin repair its natural barrier. It’s also free from fragrances, colours, preservatives and antiseptics – so perfect if your baby has eczema prone skin like mine – and is so gentle it can be used from birth, even with premature babies.

nappy rash

Of course, newborn babies who don’t move much are one thing, but once you’ve got a walking, jumping, climbing toddler on your hands, nappy rash is a completely different matter – especially if they’ve got lots of ‘folds’ like this one!

nappy rash

Instead of applying cream at the first signs of nappy rash I’ve learnt that using it after each nappy change is the best way to keep her little bottom (and her and me) happy, and Bepanthen’s has a flip-top lid so you can open it one handed (anything you can use one handed gets the thumbs up from me!)

nappy rash

They say happy mummy equals happy baby, but when it comes to nappy rash I’d actually argue that happy baby equals happy mummy!

nappy rash

This post is sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect your baby’s sensitive skin at www.bepanthen.co.uk

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