Six billion. That’s how many units of alcohol we consume between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day if the latest statistics are to be believed, with the average Brit knocking back 26 units on Christmas day alone.

Being five months pregnant with baby number four I won’t be joining the party this year, and I have to say it already feels like I’m missing out.

Surviving Christmas & New Year

Anyone who knows me knows I love a glass of wine – or two or three! – and with so many social events and family gatherings revolving around alcohol it’s not surprising us pregnant mamas, or those who don’t drink because they choose not to, feel left out.

So, with the festive party season underway and Christmas just around the corner, I asked some fellow parenting bloggers for their top tips on how to feel like you’re still part of the fun even if you can’t get as merry as everyone else.

Surviving Christmas & New Year when everyone else is drinking & you’re not

Ask for virgin cocktails

“I gave up drinking January this year, so this will be my first ‘dry’ Christmas, but I’m not worried at all,” says Chantelle at All Things Christmas. “So, so, so many places will make you a virgin cocktail, almost any cocktail bar will do you one without the alcohol. And bring your own to parties or dinners where they might not think to include a non-alcoholic option.”

Make sure you’ve got a fancy glass

“Find a non-alcoholic drink you love and buy a fancy glass or ask for one at the event,” suggests Becci at The UnNatural Mother. “For me it’s just mind over matter. Stick in some garnish and enjoy. I personally love getting up in the morning feeling fresh, instead of hungover and tired.”

Surviving Christmas & New Year

Look for mulled wine alternatives

“I love hot spiced apple at Christmas, it’s a great (probably nicer!) alternative to mulled wine and feels really festive,” says Hayley at Miss Manypennies. And Laura at Three Little Z’s points out: “I bought alcohol free mulled wine when I was pregnant – it tastes exactly the same!”

Stay at home

“Just don’t go out,” advises Fran at Back With A Bump. “It’s a rubbish time of year so I’d much prefer staying at home in my jamas!”

Surviving Christmas & New Year

Remember the smug factor

“I’m not a big drinker and being smug the next day while everyone else is hung over is always a pleasant experience!” says Rebecca at The Grey Home. “And remember the thought of how bad their heads will be in the morning while you wake up and enjoy all the food!” adds Ayse at Coffee and Cwtches.

Think of all the money you’re saving

“I’m pregnant this year so won’t be drinking for the first time in years,” says Rosie at Busy Mum Lifestyle. “To be honest I’m just going to sit back and think of all the lovely money I’ll be saving as everybody else pays for their expensive cocktails and wine while I’m having a tonic water.”

Surviving Christmas & New Year

Do you have any top tips for surviving the Christmas festivities if you can’t have a tipple? I’d love to know what they are!

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