There’s no getting away from it: pregnancy is a tricky business. And pregnancy after miscarriage is even trickier.

I should know, having lost two babies between BB and Little B. But now I’m expecting our third baby and have reached the second trimester of my fifth pregnancy, it turns out it’s still a tricky business.

Things they don't tell you about pregnancy after miscarriage

Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy after miscarriage

1. The first 12 weeks feels more like 12 months. You take each day, then each week and then each month as it comes, not daring to think beyond that or daydream about what might be. By the end of the first trimester you feel like you’ve been pregnant at least a year.

2. You dread the 12-week scan. Instead of looking forward to seeing the cause of all this anguish for the first time, you re-play the potential delivery of bad news over and over again in your mind, just so you’re prepared for it. By the time you actually make it to the scan, you’ve got your knickers in a right proper twist.

3. Every time you go to the loo you look for signs something is wrong. Where you used to stumble into the bathroom in the dark at night you now turn on the light, and you find yourself studying loo roll at ridiculously close proximity. Or is it just me?

4. You wake up in the morning and look for blood. You can’t help it, and it becomes second nature. Or perhaps that’s just me as well!

5. If after the first trimester you feel like you’ve been pregnant for a year, by the end of the pregnancy you feel like you’ve been pregnant your entire life. You can no longer recall not being pregnant or a time when you weren’t in a permanent state of high anxiety.

Mind you, when you think about it, parenthood is all about being in permanent state of high anxiety over one thing or another. Should I have sterilised that spoon? Is a baby with double-jointed thumbs normal? Am I the only one who thinks Gina Ford looks just a little bit scary?

Yep, there’s no getting away from it, parenthood is definitely a tricky business.

Do you find yourself worrying about anything and everything? Do you feel like pregnancy aged you?

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