When was the last time you thought about your bedroom – and I mean really thought about it?

If your bedroom is somewhere you simply go to sleep, then this post is for you!

more romantic

Our bedroom is the one room in the house I like to think of as a bit of a sanctuary away from the kids, but what with having a newborn in a bedside crib at the moment, not to mention piles of nappies and laundry and other baby paraphernalia, it can be hard to keep it that way.

With the nights drawing in for winter making curling up in bed with a book in the evening all the more appealing I’d like to make our bedroom a little less about the kids and a bit more about the grown ups, so, in this collaborative post here are 5 easy ways to make your bedroom more romantic.

5 easy ways to make your bedroom more romantic

1. Think about lighting

When it comes to romance, lighting is key. LED lighting for bedrooms is the perfect solution for couples who want to enjoy a romantic yet practical lighting option. LED lighting provides a warm, ambient glow that’s ideal for romance and intimacy. You could even install a dimmer switch to really create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere that you can both enjoy. LED lights are also cheap to run and much better for the environment.

more romantic

2. Make the bed more inviting!

Mismatched sheets, tea stains, crumbs, kids’ toys and faded pillowcases might be part and parcel of parenthood, but hardly scream romance. Making your bed look inviting is easy: fresh, crisp sheets are wonderfully enticing (consider white ones for that romantic hotel look), as are plumped up pillows, gorgeous throws and layered accessories.

more romantic

3. Get rid of the clutter

Bedrooms are often bursting with clutter, from clothes waiting to be put away to dirty laundry waiting to be washed, which seriously dampens the romance factor. Clutter is stressful and distracting so try to keep your bedroom as clutter-free as possible – pick up all those clothes on the floordrobe and remember that anything chore related should never be kept in the place where you want to be intimate with your partner.

more romantic

4. Think about your bed

Squeaky beds can really kill the mood – whether you’re sleeping or not! No one wants to worry about their bed collapsing when they sit down after a long day, or if things are getting intimate. So, invest in a good, sturdy bed with a mattress that supports you and your partner, so whether you’re sleeping or enjoying each other’s company, you’re both comfortable!

more romantic

5. Put away the kids’ stuff

Our bedroom is constantly strewn with story books, hair brushes and bobbles and other bits and bobs the kids have left lying around. Scooping it up once a day and putting it back in its rightful place makes all the difference to reclaiming our bedroom back for the grown ups!

more romantic

This is a collaborative post.

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