A trip backpacking in Europe can be everything you could imagine and more.

From iconic landmarks to beautiful lakes and sandy beaches, there is plenty to see and do, making it a summer to remember.


That said, if you’ve got kids in tow it’s well worth planning a backpacking trip ahead.

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In this collaborative post here are some top tips to make the most out of backpacking across the continent this summer.

Things to consider when backpacking in Europe with kids

Choosing what time of year you go is essential so you can get the most enjoyment out of your trip

Consider how long you are planning on going backpacking, and what months you would like to go during. Upon working this out, opt to visit places that are not full of tourists during the high season, to save money and allow more accommodation availability and options. If going over the peak summer months, try to avoid areas such as the Mediterranean coastline, as not only will they be packed with tourists and overcrowded, but they are also less scenic at this time of year.

Make sure to pack all the essentials you will need for your trip first

Ensure you have packed all the travel essentials before setting off on your journey. This should include passports, tickets, debit cards, and any medication that you or your family are going to need whilst being away. Take a photocopy of all your passports just for peace of mind.


Book your accommodation

We recommend that you book your accommodation for the first few days ahead of time, as it will give you time to prepare everything for the journey ahead and get into the swing of things. When booking your accommodation, also make sure to book an airport transfer to the hotel or hostel, to save money and time when arriving at your destination.  


Plan around festivals and events

To make your trip more fun and memorable, research any festivals or events that may be taking place whilst you are away. This could be anything from attending Hideout festival in Croatia, to a small market day in the south of France you may want to experience. Once you have established where you would like to visit, then begin planning your trip to allow you to be in that location on those dates.


Although Europe is a beautiful place, there are still some dangers, and it is important to stay as safe as possible. Be aware of pick pocketers and try to always stay with a friend where possible. It is a trip of a lifetime, embrace the experiences and the culture, and make memories to last a lifetime.

This is a collaborative post.

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