Regular readers will know from my last post about how to stay sane in the first six months of motherhood that I have two friends who are expecting babies this month. Which begs the question: what’s the perfect gift for a new mum?

I’ve always been inclined to buy something for the mum, or the mum and the baby, rather than just the baby, because I always think mum deserves something too.

What's the perfect gift for a new mum

Items I’ve given and received in the past include eye wrinkle cream, tea bags for nursing mums (such a thing does indeed exist!) and the sort of chocolate you wouldn’t buy for yourself, which I think are personal and thoughtful gifts (assuming you’re not offended by someone giving you wrinkle cream, of course!)

I don’t really see the point of more frivolous presents because they’re likely to be put away for ‘another day’ and never see the light of day again. I think it’s far better to go down the practical route and buy something she will really use and need, such as:

1. Skincare. Treat her to something she might not buy herself like luxury face cream or bubble bath. Something that will make her feel pampered and special, like she’s important too.

2. Luxury chocolate. I always think the best gifts are things you wouldn’t buy for yourself, and although luxury chocolate might be seen as frivolous it’s bound to be essential at some point in those first few weeks! Think Godiva or Choccywoccydoodah.

3. A nappy cake. There are some brilliant creations out there, from straight forward nappy cakes to bath time cakes (containing everything for bath time) and wardrobe cakes (containing clothes). Baby Gift Box has a great range and will also put together baskets and hampers.

4. Trumpette socks (for the baby, not the mum!) I adore Trumpette and have bought more boxes of these socks than I care to count. The girls’ ones come in styles including Mary Jane shoes and ballet pumps, and the boys’ ones come in styles including trainers and loafers. They’re just too cute, and what’s more they come in a beautiful little box with inner wrapping.

5. Muslin squares. Forget bog standard white muslins – there are some fabulous designs out there which are pricier than plain white ones and therefore another thing she might not buy herself. JoJo Maman Bebe does some gorgeous ones, as does Faye & Lou.

6. Bubbles. And I don’t mean for the bath. Anyone who walked through the door armed with a bottle of fizz after I had BB and Little B was welcome any time.

What was the best present you received after becoming a parent? Did you appreciate it if someone gave you something for you instead of the baby?

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