Three pregnant dadsThat’s among the questions three ‘pregnant’ dads have posed just days into their mission to wear pregnancy suits for a whole month.

I left BB and Little B in the capable hands of Misery Guts on Sunday to go and write about their story, among others, and it really is an interesting one. There’s no doubt the world would be a different place if it were men who gave birth.

The three dads are wearing 15kg ‘empathy bellies’ – the average weight of a full term pregnancy – day and night in the run up to Mother’s Day to see what it’s like for all us mums out there.

They’re blogging about it daily on their website and it makes entertaining reading. One of them has even started talking to his bump.

The story I wrote yesterday has garnered an amazing number of negative, not to mention sexist, comments, which make even more entertaining reading. You can read the full story here

As well as being ‘expectant’ dads 3pregnantdads are also the brains behind thebookofeveryone personalised books – including one for Mother’s Day.

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