What’s the best thing to give a mum who’s had a c-section?

I’ve got several friends who’ve had caesareans recently but I know absolutely nothing about them, other than that it’s major abdominal surgery, you can’t drive for six weeks afterwards and you’re not supposed to have a bath for a while either.

10 best gifts for c-section mums

When a new baby arrives I like to give a present to the mum and the baby, because quite frankly anyone who grows a human being and produces it from somewhere about their person deserves a medal.

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So what’s the best gift for a c-section mum?

I did what I always do when in doubt and asked some fellow bloggers who also gave birth the sun roof way. Here’s what they said.

10 best gifts for c-section mums

1. A stretchy baby wrap. ‘It’s perfect for keeping your little one close with no pressure on your scar, and saves you pushing a heavy pram. Baby carrying also gently engages your core helping you to heal faster!’ Vivienne at The Mothers Room.

2. Big pants. ‘The best gift was extra-large knickers! I’m usually a size 12 but size 20-22 were awesome for not touching the scar!!’ Emma at Me and B Make Tea

3. Dry shampoo. ‘You might not be easily able to shower if you’re on your own during the day and definitely no baths for a bit.’ Lauren at Scrapbook Blog

4. A face mask. ‘Because you won’t get in a decent bath for months’. Katy at KatyKicker

5. A thermos flask. ‘Sometimes I just wanted a cup of tea and the thought of having to get up and make it was horrendous. If only I had a flask of ready-made tea complete with cup, it would have been bliss!’ Heidi at Southern Mummy

6. Pillow mist (such a thing does indeed exist!). ‘Someone bought me some pillow mist which was LOVELY!’ Holly at Little Pickle’s Mom

7. A massage. ‘I am a massage therapist myself and I wish I had booked someone like me to come around and pamper me as I felt physically awful and low.’ Ronnie at Dear Babies

8. Company. ‘When you can’t drive for six weeks but are desperate to get out the house, I really appreciated my friends coming over and taking me out places.’ Abi at Something About Baby.

9. A home cooked meal. ‘I had two sections so I’d say any help you could offer, for example a few frozen dinners.’ Laura at The Mamma Fairy.

10. A cleaner. ‘When I had a c-section my mum paid for me to have a cleaner for a couple of weeks – it was the BEST PRESENT EVER!’ Laura at Mum On A Mission

Have you had a c-section and what’s the best gift you received? Or if you’ve bought a present for a friend who’s had a c-section I’d love to hear your ideas!

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