Chocolate, alcohol, books, gadgets and aftershave. Those are the best-selling Father’s Day gifts in the UK according to Google, and we spend an average of £20 each on the stuff.

The thing is though, while it’s tempting to splash the cash – especially when you see so many gorgeous gifts out there – there’s no need to part with any money at all.

Father's Day gifts

I asked Misery Guts what he’d really like for Father’s Day and like me on Mothering Sunday all he really wants is a day off from the exhausting business of parenting.

So if you’d rather not break the bank or if it’s too late to order that personalised whatsit from Not On The High Street here’s 10 free Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a penny.

10 free Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a penny

1. A lie in. Sleep is the one thing that’s pretty much guaranteed to be in short supply when you become a parent and the chance to catch up on some serious zzzz’s is priceless.

2. Breakfast in bed. If it’s good enough for Mother’s Day then it’s good enough for Father’s Day too: surprise him with his favourite brekkie in bed (that’s bacon bagels in our house). Yum.

Father's Day gifts

3. The gift of time. Whether it’s half an hour or three hours, give him some time to himself to do whatever he wants. They could even make him a little ‘me time’ gift voucher.

4. Give him day off. When the kids ask me what I’d like for Mother’s Day I always say a day off. A day off loading and unloading machines, and a day off wiping surfaces, bums and faces. Get the kids to take over the chores for the day (and if you’re lucky the favour will be returned on Mother’s Day).

Father's Day gifts

5. Draw him a picture. BB always loves drawing Misery Guts a picture for birthdays and special occasions, and he loves receiving them. Make it extra special by framing it and it’s a lasting reminder of a moment in time.

6. Write him a poem. The things that come out of kids’ mouths are priceless and just like a picture, a poem is a great way to capture this time in their lives and remind him when they’re big and grown. If you’re stuck for inspiration writing the words ‘daddy’ on a piece of paper and encouraging them to write a sentence starting with each letter is always entertaining.

Father's Day gifts

7. Make him a play list. If he’s a music fan a play list is a great way to make something special and personal to him that will last beyond Father’s Day. Even if they do insist on putting the Trolls soundtrack on it.

8. Create a new screensaver. Putting together a gallery of your favourite family pictures and memories for his laptop, tablet or phone is guaranteed to raise a smile.

What do you do with all those milestone photos you religiously took & babyspammed in their first year? Make them into a collage! Loving my latest find from @notonthehighstreet: an instagram gallery print documenting them all – so clever! Thank you @apieceofltd for putting them all in sequence from 1 day old to 1 year old & making them look fab – a perfect reminder of our first year with Marigold May #childhood #childhoodunplugged #capturingchildhood #capturingtheday #thismamaloves #baby #babyspam #instababy #babynumberthree #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #lethembelittle #family #love #rememberingthesedays #marigoldmay #ayearofmarigoldmay #oureverydaymoments #documentyourdays @eleanormarydesigns

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9. Pack a picnic and go for a walk. When was the last time you all spent time together in the great outdoors away from your screens? If you can’t remember then this one’s for you!

10. Get the kids to write down something great their daddy has taught them (or do it for them if they can’t write yet). You could collate them in a card or put them in a letter, and bonus points for funny ones. Like how to do underarm ‘parps’.

Father's Day gifts

Will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year? Do you tend to buy gifts or will you go down the free or homemade route too? I’d love to hear what you think!

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