I’ve been overdue with all my babies. The first was 15 days late, the second was three days late and at the time of writing the third is at least a day late.

Apparently 80% of babies arrive between two weeks before and two weeks after their due date, but in my experience you’d think you were in the minority having an overdue baby.

10 things they don't tell you about being overdue

And it’s enough to drive you crackers.

10 things they don’t tell you about being overdue

1. People can’t stop asking if you’ve had the baby yet. As if you did but you forgot to tell anyone.

2. They also can’t stop asking if you’re having twinges. Of course you’re having bl**dy twinges – you’ve got a full-term baby in your belly and they’re getting bigger by the hour.

3. You become public property. Complete strangers not only comment on the size of your bump, they start questioning your dates. Not helpful.

4. You feel like there’s something wrong with you. From the midwife who wants to book you in for induction to the shop assistant who says ‘you’re still pregnant!’ – you’d think you were a freak of nature.

10 things they don't tell you about being overdue

5. You lose count of the number of times people say ‘have you tried..?’ Curry, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea etcetera. My baby will come when it’s ready thank you very much!

6. You come over all first trimesterish. You might be more than 40 weeks pregnant, but one of things they don’t tell you about the third trimester is that morning sickness can come back with a vengeance. Combined with the heartburn, it’s not the sort of cocktail you were hoping for at this stage.

7. You start waking on the hour throughout the night. Perhaps it’s the body’s way of preparing you for the sleepless nights to come, the fact you’ve got another human being pressing on your bladder or both – either way the days of an unbroken night’s sleep are over.

8. The house needs cleaning – again. As days turn into a week and possibly two it gets to the point that the ‘big clean’ you did in preparation for the new baby needs doing again. Rats.

9. It makes you spend money. If you sat at home all day you’d go mad, but the trouble with venturing out is that you end up spending money you wouldn’t be spending if the baby had arrived on time. A coffee shop trip here, another baby gro there – it all adds up.

10. You get a bit shouty. I blame all those pregnancy hormones swirling about, coupled with points one to nine of this list. It’s enough to test anyone’s patience.

Have you had a baby and did you go overdue? What drove you mad the most?

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