What do you hate most about being a mum?

If the answer’s nothing then I’m sorry but I don’t believe you!

things I hate most about being a mum

Motherhood is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done, but at the same time there’s no getting away from the fact some aspects of it are just a little bit pants. Or quite a lot pants.

With our oldest about to turn seven I’ve been thinking back about what I’ve learnt about motherhood in that time, and it turns out there are actually quite a lot of things I hate.

10 things I hate most about being a mum

1. The lack of sleep. Nothing prepares you.

2. The wiping. No words needed.

 things I hate most about being a mum

3. The washing mountain. As a mum of three I seriously wonder if I’ll ever see the bottom of our dirty laundry basket ever again. It’s endless. Thankfully my dirty secret Stuart is on hand to help.

4. The jabs. After three babies it doesn’t get any easier – holding their podgy little legs and hearing them wail as the nurse sinks the needle in. Simply awful.

 things I hate most about being a mum

5. The forms. From the two-year developmental check forms (‘after a raisin is dropped into a clear plastic bottle, does your child turn the bottle upside down to tip out the raisin?’ Absolutely no idea, funnily enough I’ve never done that) to the dreaded school application forms, why does nobody warn you about the forms? Form filling ought to be included in parenting preparation classes. (If you’ve got an older one starting University help is on hand: Allen and Jain Education offer an ‘education concierge’ service in which they’ll fill in the forms for you, which they reckon frees up four months of time, allowing parents and students to focus on their exams).

6. Sports day. Of all the school events this is the one I hate the most. The standing around, the sheer amount of time it takes to heard umpteen kids into place for each race. Quite frankly it’s boring – just one of the 10 things they don’t tell you about sports day.

 things I hate most about being a mum

7. The CBeebies loop of doom. I must credit Claire at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes for coining this phrase. When CBeebies has been on so long what already aired in the morning comes on to haunt you again.

8. The Tic Tac Toy family. If you haven’t had the pleasure, lucky you. For the uninitiated they’re a family of You Tubers from Arizona with a channel dedicated to unboxing toys and playing a ‘fake’ Toys R Us game and my older two love them. The trouble is the woman has the most irritating, screeching voice you’ve ever heard in your life. Think nails down a blackboard.

 things I hate most about being a mum

9. Wobbly teeth. When they’re hanging on by a thread and they insist on wobbling them with their tongue right in front of your face at every available opportunity. I just can’t bear it.

10. Ironing. I just do the collars if I can get away with it.

 things I hate most about being a mum

What do you hate most about being a mum? Or do you love everything about it, wiping and all? I’d love to know!

This post was written in collaboration with Allen and Jain Education.

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