Eight years.

That’s how long Misery Guts and I have been married for this week – and with the exception of one year they’ve all been good ones.


We tied the knot in July 2010 and to mark our eighth wedding anniversary I thought it would be fun to share 8 things I’ve learnt in 8 years of marriage (plus it’s a good excuse to get the photos out again!)


In no particular order…

8 things I’ve learnt in 8 years of marriage

1. My husband isn’t the man I married. He used to be a hob nob-eating, computer game-playing exercise phobe, now he’s a protein-eating, HIIT training-loving ultra marathon runner. Not sure how that happened.

2. I’m not the woman he married. I used to be a 20-something, sleep-loving gym bunny, now I’m a 30-something mum of three with a three times mum tum and white hair. Not sure how that happened either.


3. The anniversary presents are a bit naff. So far we’ve had gifts including paper, cotton and wood. You’ve got to wait 25 years – practically a lifetime – to get anything half decent (silver) and another 15 years to get a gemstone (ruby).

4. He’s never going to understand my love of Take That. Or Robbie Williams.


5. I’m never going to understand why he can’t take the plastics out of the dishwasher and put them away in the plastics cupboard instead of dumping them on the draining board.

6. We should have bought the biggest bed possible. Super king plus, if such a thing exists. Instead I must be content with the thinnest sliver of mattress on the edge of the bed as baby number one, baby number two and baby number three migrate from their own bed to ours on a nightly basis.

7. Competitive tiredness is unavoidable. And for the record I am definitely more tired than he is (see the 10 stages of sleep deprivation).

8. We were right to keep our own bank accounts. That way I don’t know how much he spends on running gear and he doesn’t know how much I spend at Cath Kidston. And everyone’s happy.


Are you married and have you celebrated an anniversary recently? What have you learnt since you tied the knot? I’d love to know!

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