Two whole days and two whole nights. That’s how much time we’ve got childfree coming up thanks to the in-laws, who have offered to have the kids for a few nights (all three of them!) while we’re holidaying nearby.

The question is how can we make the most of the precious time?

childfree mini break

There are so many things we’d like to do that the possibilities are endless: eat not one but six whole meals hot and without being interrupted; go into shops without having to do a pushchair reccy first and choosing somewhere to eat based on the wine list and not whether there’s plastic cutlery, to name but a few.

But other than the obvious, like sleep and enjoying the silence, how can we make the most of our childfree mini break? I asked 10 parenting bloggers for their advice and here’s what they said.

10 ways to make the most of a childfree mini break

1. Sleep! “Have lay ins in the mornings and even if you are awake stay in bed and chill,” says Lianne at Anklebiters Adventures.

2. Plan ahead. “Try and establish a plan in advance so you don’t waste precious time being indecisive,” says Sophie at Soph-obsessed. “Have a no technology rule and just enjoy every minute.

childfree mini break

3. Have an itinerary. “Really plan things down to the hour and get in as much as you’ve wanted to do in a while – don’t waste it doing trivial things you can do when the kids are around anyway!” says Emma at The Mini Mes and Me.

4. Book restaurants in advance. “We book restaurants in advance so we aren’t wasting precious time hunting out the best places to eat,” says Laura at Five Little Doves.

childfree mini break

5. Be spontaneous. “I think part of the fun is leaving a bit of time for being spontaneous,” says Jodie at Maidenhead Mum. “So you can have another drink, stop and go in that shop that looks interesting, take the long walk home or whatever you fancy. The little bits that you just can’t normally do with kids that have scheduled meal times and nap times.”

6. Don’t venture too far from home. “We try to find amazing places to stay that are within two hours travelling to avoid too much time in the car,” says Ben at Wood Create. “We always try to find something new, a little lavish and plan meals and entertainment in advance.”

childfree mini break

7. Treat yourself. “We normally look for last minute hotel deals, shows to book, spa days, because why not?” says Eva at Captain Bobcat. “It’s not often that a child free mini break happens!”

8. Read a book. “Take a good book and read it while soaking in the tub!” says Katy at Katykicker.

childfree mini break

9. Do things you can’t do with kids in tow. “We like to book posh restaurants and do sight-seeing trips that we wouldn’t be able to do with the kids,” says Becci at The UnNatural Mother.

10. Splurge. “Meals out (lots), cinema, and a road trip somewhere different with a night in a spa hotel. Heaven!” says Kate at The Mum Conundrum.

childfree mini break

So what did we get up to? Head over to my Instagram feed and you’ll find out!

Have you had a childfree mini break recently? Or perhaps you’ve got one coming up? Either way if you have any advice for making the most of the time I’d love to hear what it is!

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