Seven. That’s how old our oldest turns this week.

And I genuinely don’t know where those seven years have gone.

wishes for my daughter

Earlier in the year I brought you 40 wishes for my husband on his 40th birthday, so I thought it would be fun to continue in the same vein with 7 wishes for my daughter on her 7th birthday.

7 wishes for my daughter on her 7th birthday

1. I wish you hadn’t asked for rainbow icing on your birthday cake. At the time of writing I’ve got no idea how I’m going to pull it off. This is the diagram I was given – if you head over to my Instagram feed you’ll (hopefully) find the result.

wishes for my daughter

2. I wish you weren’t growing up so fast. What with growing your fringe out and wanting your ears pierced and your nails painted you’re seven going on seventeen.

wishes for my daughter

3. I wish England had won the World Cup. You truly believed they could and were devastated when they didn’t (see 5 life lessons from England’s World Cup defeat for more on the sorry tale).

wishes for my daughter

4. I wish I’d put a neck on Elsa on your 5th birthday cake. Instead she looked like Shrek and it still bugs me now, two years on.

5. I wish Britain hadn’t voted for Brexit. I’m afraid the ramifications will be worse for you in your lifetime than they will be for me in mine. For the record it wasn’t what I wanted. And it wasn’t what your Daddy wanted, either.

wishes for my daughter

6. I wish you still looked like this.

wishes for my daughter

7. I wish we could rewind seven years and do it all again.

wishes for my daughter

Do you have any birthdays in your house this month? Does it make you feel like time is going by too fast? Tell me all about it!

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