If you’re planning your wedding day and are on the hunt for wedding day entertainment ideas this post is for you!

It’s natural to want to throw the perfect bash, and if you already have children it may be even more important to include entertainment that will keep younger guests amused.

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Planning different areas of your big day can not only allow for adequate rest time for kids and grown-ups alike, but can also make your day extra special for you and your guests too.

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So, if you want to give your guests a day to remember in this collaborative post here are three alternative entertainment ideas for the perfect wedding day!

3 alternative entertainment ideas for the perfect wedding day

1. Stage a firework show

Whether you have hired a hall or an entire private estate, it may be possible to set up wedding firework displays for your big day. The size of the display will depend on your budget, as well as the type of fireworks you might like, and the space available in your location. You may want to ensure that fireworks are permitted on the premises before booking or paying a deposit, to avoid disappointment. Some couples like to have a colour scheme at their wedding, such as ivory and peach. Therefore, you could ask for the display fireworks to also feature those colours predominantly to really tie everything together.

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2. Host a silent disco

Many guests expect there to be some form of dancing at a wedding reception. While this may be somewhat of a tradition, that doesn’t mean it needs to be carried out the same way as other weddings you may have attended in the past. When young children are likely to be present, the sound of loud music could cause upset, especially for tired babies and toddlers. You could think about hiring a silent disco instead. This can allow people to choose from different playlists of music, as well as whether they want to hear it or not. The end result can be that some people might opt for general conversation, while others can still dance and enjoy themselves. This can also remove the need for finishing at a certain time, as there will be significantly less noise to disturb neighbours.

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3. Book a photo booth

While you might have a photographer present for some of the more formal pictures, it can also be nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. Hiring a photo booth can allow your guests to take pictures, if they wish, without pressure. This can allow them to gain some wonderful keepsakes of the day, and also provide you with additional memories of your wedding. You might find that these pictures are more realistic, showing your friends having fun, rather than featuring strict poses and positions. These could then be used to create a wedding scrapbook. Children may also enjoy playing in the photo booth and also getting their pictures taken.

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This is a collaborative post.

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