How many apps do you have on your phone? Ten? Twenty? More?

I’ve got more than I can actually count but as I was scrolling through them to find one the other day it occurred to me there are a handful of apps I simply couldn’t live without now I’m a mum.

apps I can't live without

They’re apps I use daily without even thinking about it, but if I do stop and think about it I realised they connect me with the outside world and help me stay sane amongst the nappies, washing and general chaos. Especially in the school holidays.

So, in no particular order (apart from the first one, that’s really important) here are 5 apps I can’t live without since becoming a mum!

5 apps I can’t live without since becoming a mum!

1. Deliveroo. When I discovered you can get wine as well as food via Deliveroo it was a revelation. For when the other half is out and the kids are in bed and you’d really like a glass of wine but owing to very poor planning on your part there’s none in the house. And it comes cold.

apps I can't live without

2. CBeebies Storytime. A life saver when you’ve got a screaming toddler on public transport or in the supermarket. Or even when you’re at home and need the loo. (And yes Andy Day is on there, in case you were wondering).

apps I can't live without

3. WhatsApp. The place to vent and let off steam with your mum friends when you’re having a bad day. Or even when you’re having a good day. (Does anyone else have a friend who is always typing when you turn it on?)

apps I can't live without

4. GIFs for WhatsApp. For when only memes of a women drinking wine or mums hiding behind their hands and weeping can explain how you feel. Which is rather a lot of the time.


5. Instagram. A quick scroll through there with the baby on the boob and I instantly know what everyone else is up to without having to leave the house, speak to anyone or disturb the feeding baby. Genius. And if you’re looking to grow your own Instagram account there are a number of companies out there who can help you gain more Instagram followers with the help of AI technology.

apps I can't live without

Are there any apps you can’t live without now you’re a parent? I’d love to know which ones!

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