After a couple of wedding-free summers we’ve got a wedding next month. It’s in a tepee on a lavender farm, which begs the question what to wear, and of course all of the suitable dresses I already own aren’t breastfeeding friendly. (What a shame, I’m going to have to buy a new dress!)

Normally the prospect of a new outfit would fill me with glee, but the downside of clothes shopping when you’re breastfeeding is buying a new dress is easier said than done, and you often end up buying something because it’s practical rather than because you like it.

5 breastfeeding-friendly summer outfits

The way I see it you’ve got two options:

1. Opt for a dedicated nursing outfit
2. Find something you can easily slip your boobs in and out of

There are pros and cons to both: if you buy a dedicated nursing outfit it’s only going to be useful for the amount of time you’re breastfeeding, but if you opt for ‘normal’ clothes you can whip your boobs out of and still wear again you’re limited to a certain number of styles.

So faced with this conundrum I’ve been scouring the internet and came across Love the Sales, a site which has sale items from around 500 different brands all on one website.

I’ve been having a look at dresses, and thought I’d share them here for anyone else needing breastfeeding-friendly summer outfits this year.

1. Esprit Maternity maxi dress – £48 (was £60). Technically a maternity dress, this comes with a front opening for easy boob access. There’s something a bit Duchess of Cambridge about this one, and a nice belt would disguise the fact it was once a maternity outfit.

Esprit maternity maxi dress

2. Mama.licious shift dress – £45. I love the colour of this dress and the way the fabric hangs gently, disguising any lumps and bumps! Again this has a front opening for nursing mums – yay!

Mamalicious shift dress

3. James Lakeland print wrap – £90 (was £179). Not only does this dress come with a wrap over front, it also has a belt which you could loosen when you sit down to feed and need to get everything out, and then tighten and straighten when you’ve finished.

James Lakeland Print Wrap

4. Miss Selfridge maxi dress sale – £56 (was £70). With the help of a muslin I reckon it should be fairly easy to slip boobs in and out of this dress, and the ample shoulders would cover your nursing bra straps too.

Miss Selfridge Maxi dress

5. Emilio de la Morena strapless dress – £302 (was £755). If all else fails, wear a strapless dress and whip them out over the top. I know they say not to wear strapless bras when breastfeeding owing to the lack of support, but one day isn’t going to do any harm. Just don’t drip on this one – it’s silk-blend so will stain!

Emilio de la Morena strapless

Do you have any tips on where to go for breastfeeding-friendly outfits? I’d love to hear them!

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