More than £320. That’s the average cost of a child’s birthday party in the UK if the latest figures are to be believed.

And I don’t know about you, but I think that’s an awful lot of money.

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The thing is, parties can easily turn into hundreds of pounds – especially if we’re talking about whole class birthday parties – and before you know it you’re left wondering where on earth the money went.

So, how can you throw a party they’ll love and remember without breaking the bank? In this collaborative post here are 5 things to consider when planning a birthday party for your child.

5 things to consider when planning a birthday party for your child

1. Think about the size

You may find that hosting a big party for your little one is not only a lot of stress for you, but also for them. So, if you feel like a small party is more appropriate, then don’t feel pressured to invite everyone you know. Your child’s birthday party should be an enjoyable and stress-free occasion, focusing solely on you and your child having a great time.

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2. Stick to a budget

It’s important not to set your expectations too high when it comes to planning your birthday party, and be realistic about what you can afford. While the amount of money that you will spend on the party will largely depend on the budget you set and the number of guests you plan to invite, most parents try to keep the costs to a minimum. You shouldn’t feel pressured into putting on an extravagant party that you can’t afford – throw a party that suits you and your child.

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3. Consider a theme

If your child has a favourite toy or TV show, making that the theme of your party is bound to be a hit. For example, unicorn parties have become particularly popular in recent years and you can even get personalised unicorn themed birthday cards that you can make for a great keepsake for your child to read when they get older. The same goes for other favourite characters. Try to incorporate their favourite character made of cardboard or inflatable. If unicorns are the theme, imagine the delight on the children’s faces when they see a large, colourful inflatable unicorn. These inflatables can be more than just decorations; they can be interactive elements where kids can play and take pictures, making the party experience more immersive and fun. The beauty of inflatable character creations is that they can be customised to match any theme, whether it’s a popular TV show character, a superhero, or a fairy-tale creature. This customisation allows you to create a unique and personalised party atmosphere that resonates deeply with your child’s interests.

5 things to consider when planning a birthday party for your child 3

4. Think about the venue

You might like the sound of hosting their birthday at home, but when you think about all the preparation and clearing up you’ll have to do afterwards throwing it elsewhere might suddenly become more appealing. Shop around at local soft plays and restaurants to find the best deals – when you tot up how much you’d spend throwing a party at home the cost of holding one elsewhere might surprise you.

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5. Don’t forget the birthday cake!

Whether you enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking or are more of a shop bought cake kind of person, no party is complete without a cake. If you are lacking in time or creativity to bake something yourself, there are plenty of bakeries that can provide a celebratory cake for you. You can do some research online to find exactly what you’re looking for – and even better, there are Nothing bundt cakes promo code options online so you can save some money on this purchase. While your little one may not fully understand the concept of the day, they are sure to enjoy eating their first birthday cake and the photographic evidence will remain for years to come. And if you do decide to plan the party around a theme, don’t forget you can get a cake to match!

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Have you thrown a children’s birthday party recently? Do you have any top tips? I’d love to know what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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