Summer is when school’s out, the sun’s out and the days ahead are ripe with the promise of adventure and discovery.

That said, as parents we’re presented with not only the challenge of entertaining kids all summer, but the pressure to blend entertainment with education too.

ways to entertain kids

This collaborative post explores some creative ways to turn those lazy summer days into a time of fun and learning for kids – instead of succumbing to the all-too-familiar refrain of ‘I’m bored’!

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8 creative ways to entertain kids all summer

1. Back garden camping

Let’s kick off with the simplest of outdoor escapades: back garden camping. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of adventure with a makeshift tent, marshmallow roasting, and storytelling under the open sky. It’s an experience that brings the family together, fostering a love for nature and the joy of shared tales.

2. Nature scavenger hunt

While you are outdoors, why not encourage exploration with a nature scavenger hunt? Armed with a checklist, kids can embark on a quest to discover the wonders hidden in their surroundings. This activity instils curiosity and teaches them about the environment and the importance of observation. Along with a scavenger hunt, consider constructing an obstacle course using everyday household items. This simple yet effective setup transforms your space into an adventure zone, promoting physical activity and unleashing the power of imaginative play.

ways to entertain kids

3. At-home art studio

On days when the weather is gloomy, bring out the inner Picasso with an at-home art studio. Offer a variety of materials, from paints to coloured paper, and witness the magic unfold. This entertains and nurtures a child’s creativity, allowing them to express themselves freely. 

4. Indoor activities

Rainy days or scorching afternoons shouldn’t hinder the ability to have lots of fun. Plan ahead for days like these with a range of indoor activities such as indoor treasure hunts, painting, baking and games. For hours of fun consider investing in a home pool table for your games room. Choosing a pool table to suit your needs, space and budget is easy, and fun can be had not only throughout the summer, but into the winter too.

ways to entertain kids

5. Summer language school

Consider enrolling your child in a summer language school. Beyond the traditional academic setting, language schools infuse learning with fun activities, games, and interactive exercises. It’s a subtle yet effective way to enhance linguistic skills while embracing the joy of summer. One summer language school worth looking into is SKOLA. Their summer school is a perfect opportunity for your children to improve their English, especially if they are due to attend a UK school.

6. STEM camp

Aside from learning a language, a STEM camp is another summer school worth considering. STEM camps reign supreme in education. These camps immerse kids in science, technology, engineering, and maths through exciting projects and experiments. The hands-on approach creates a love for learning that extends beyond the summer months.

ways to entertain kids

7. Photography expedition

Whatever activities you have planned in the daytime, hand your young adventurers disposable cameras and set them loose on a photography expedition. This teaches them the basics of composition and framing and captures the essence of their summer escapades. The resulting photos become tangible memories, frozen in time.

8. Movie nights

When the day winds down, gather the family for a cosy movie night. Transform your living room into a mini theatre with blankets and popcorn. Selecting family-friendly movies tailored to different age groups ensures an evening filled with laughter, bonding, and shared experiences.

So, as the sun sets on lazy afternoons and rises on new adventures, let this summer be a break from routine and a season of growth, joy, and exploration for your family.

ways to entertain kids

This is a collaborative post.

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