More than 100. That’s how many teddy bears and soft toys you’ll find living on the kids’ beds in our house. And I’m willing to bet we’re not alone.

Like many families we’ve amassed an impressive collection of soft toys over the years, from plush toys won at fairs, free ones that come with certain kids’ meals, to teddies that have been gifted by friends and family.

With four children if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about our ever-growing soft toy collection it’s that it’s the good quality, traditional and personalised toys that tend to be the most loved and special.

Once a year I try to have a soft toy cull when nobody’s looking to clear some space (sometimes I get away with it, and sometimes I don’t!) and it’s always the sentimental ones with a story behind them that keep their spots on the bed.

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If you’re reading this because you’re looking for a special teddy bear to gift a loved one we’ve teamed up with personalised teddy bear experts Bears4U who send custom teddy bear gifts throughout the UK to share 8 reasons a personalised teddy makes a great gift.

8 reasons a personalised teddy makes a great gift

1. A teddy bear is a traditional and timeless toy

If there’s one toy that transcends the generations it has to be the teddy bear – and a personalised teddy bear is even more special because it’s been made specifically for the recipient. Bears4U very kindly gifted us personalised stuffed animals for each of the children: a stuffed cow for Bluebell, a tiger for Max, a giraffe for Marigold and a pig for Violet. Each bear has their name embroidered on the jumper or hoodie (you can also opt to have a message embroidered too) and you can choose the embroidery in almost any colour you can think of.

personalised teddy

2. Teddy bears are often given as keepsakes

And what better keepsake than a personalised teddy. If you want to gift a keepsake that will stay with them throughout their childhood and beyond it doesn’t get much better than a teddy that has been designed especially for them. Bears4U personalised teddies are delivered gift wrapped with a free gift card and you can even add a printed ribbon or wooden tag too.

personalised teddy

3. They’re more than just toys

We all know kids learn through play, and experts agree that by playing with a soft toy children form an important relationship that helps them learn how to care, empathise and share. Violet isn’t even two yet and already she’s formed an attachment with her bear, putting a nappy on it and pushing it around in her pushchair.

personalised teddy

She also loves to teach it how to do the hand signals for her favourite nursery rhyme, Wind the Bobbin Up!

4. Teddy bears can help babies self-soothe

Teddy bears offer children a sense of reassurance and familiarity which is priceless when it comes to building their confidence as they navigate the big wide world. A teddy by their side can help reassure them they are with a loved one and help them cope when they find themselves on their own – for example, when you’re trying to get them to sleep in their own bed for the first time!

personalised teddy

5. Because everyone needs a hug

Bears4U’s strapline is ‘Because everyone needs a hug’ and it’s true: apparently one in 10 British adults still sleep with a teddy bear because of the feeling of stability and comfort they generate. Bluebell (10) has slept with her Bears4U bear ever since it arrived, although she wouldn’t admit it if asked!

personalised teddy

6. You can pass a teddy bear down through the generations

Apparently 70% of us have passed down a cuddly toy to our own children and I’m not surprised: my Tenderheart Care Bear currently lives on Marigold’s bed and she loves it! A personalised teddy is an extra special gift that will stand the test of time. Our Bears4U personalised ones will without doubt survive my annual cuddly toy cull and remain on the kids’ beds for years to come!

personalised teddy

7. Teddy bears aren’t just for kids

They’re for grown-ups too. Bears4U’s range includes graduation, wedding and Mother’s Day teddy bears all of which can be embroidered with names and dates to make milestone moments extra special.

personalised teddy

8. A personalised teddy is a great value gift

If you’re looking for a gift that’s unique and shows you have really thought about the recipient without breaking the bank a personalised teddy ticks all the boxes. Our Bears4U teddies cost £23.99 each including the personalisation and they’re beautifully made: the hands, feet and bottoms all have beans inside so they sit upright and are lovely to cuddle, and they’re super soft too. And as Bears4U say, a teddy bear is for life, not just for Christmas!

personalised teddy

We were gifted all of the bears featured in this post. Family owned Bears4U was established in 2005 and their range includes bears from leading UK manufacturers including Gund, Keel, Suki and Me To You. As well as personalised teddy bears Bears4U sells character bears, voice recording bears, personalised comforters and more! To see them in real life you’ll find them over on my Instagram stories now, and to see the complete range click here.

personalised teddy

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