Guilt-free Christmas I’ve found it! A guilt-free Christmas yule log! Admittedly it isn’t made of chocolate and you can’t eat it – I’m talking about an actual log (and I don’t mean of the ‘present’ sort the toddler left hidden behind the toy box to be found at a later date…)

Apparently the yuletide log was traditionally a piece of wood which was lit in the hearth on Christmas Eve and kept burning for the 12 days of Christmas, until the twelfth night. It was collected in the forest and decorated with ribbons before being brought home, where a blessing was said and wine was poured over it (bit of a waste if you ask me) to bring good luck in the coming year.

Of course the majority of us no longer collect our own wood, but never fear because firewood company Certainly Wood is resurrecting the tradition with gift boxes containing everything you need to burn a traditional yule log.

They very kindly sent us a box to try out, which we took to a cottage my brother and his girlfriend rented for a weekend getaway with its own wood burning stove earlier this month.

The box contains everything you need: a beribboned yule log, kindling and firelighters to light the fire and a scroll featuring the history of the yule log, instructions on how to light it and a suggested blessing to read while lighting.

Guilt-free Christmas

Unsurprisingly anything to do with fire and BB’s interest is immediately piqued. She helped set everything up and was fascinated by the fact people actually used to have to collect wood from forests in order to cook their food and keep warm.

Guilt-free Christmas

I couldn’t bring myself to pour wine over the log, so instead we sat round and watched it burn which made a refreshing change from watching the TV.

Guilt-free Christmas

At £25 for the set I have to say I think it was a bit pricey for what was essentially a log, a bundle of kindling, some firelighters and a piece of paper with information on, but that said the price does include postage, and naturally the box is heavy, and it does come beautifully presented with pine cones and straw.

So a bit like my previous post on what to buy the person who has everything, if you’re stuck on what to get that certain someone this would make a great – and unique – gift.

I just hope I’m not cursed with bad luck for not pouring wine over it…

We were sent the yule log free of charge for the purpose of review. As always, all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.