What to get the person who has everything 1When it comes to buying presents I’m a great one for seeing something ages before an event, making a mental note that it would make a great present for so-and-so, and then forgetting all about it and racking my brains knowing I had something in mind, but can’t remember what on earth it was.

The other problem is I find it increasingly hard to know what to buy the person who has everything – you want to buy them something they wouldn’t buy themselves, something a bit different, ideally online so you don’t actually have to go anywhere, but given I’m so knackered that my mental capacity can barely stretch to what to make for dinner at the moment I’ve found myself all out of fresh ideas lately. Not great in the run up to Christmas.

But then an idea came to me – literally. The people behind personalised keepsake book The Book Of Everyone suggested I give one of their books a go. The concept is simple: you can create a personalised book for a person of your choice online via their website, and it’s delivered to your door a few days later.

There are various options including a ‘book of mum’, a ‘book of dad’ and a ‘book of Christmas’ – all of which can be personalised – so I decided to make one for Little B as a keepsake for when he’s older.

All I had to do was log on, enter his name, date of birth and sex and low and behold the pages of a book appeared before my eyes.

It includes interesting facts – apparently he spent 30 minutes as a single cell in January 2014 and was the 7,285,448,416th person alive on earth when he was born – and a snap shot of the year in which he was born, such as what the most popular programme on TV was (Call the Midwife), what the blockbuster film was (the LEGO movie) and what the number one record was on the day he was born.

I was also able to edit some of the pages with my choice of colour scheme, upload pictures of him and change wording to make it really personal. Once you’ve done that you’ve got four choices: you can order a digital edition (£7.50), a paperback version (£19.50), a hardback copy (£29.50) or a deluxe edition (£49.50).

I went for the hardback copy and was impressed with the quality – the pages are nice and thick and the finish is really professional. The book will make a great addition to his bookshelf – once I’ve finished reading it. According to the book Little B shares 50% of his DNA with a banana…

I was sent a code to create my book free of charge for the purpose of review. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.

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