If you’re on the hunt for a stunt scooter the whole family can enjoy you’ve come to the right place.

We were recently asked to review the Rampage R1 2023 complete stunt scooter by skate experts SkateHut, and with four little people with bundles of energy to burn we didn’t need asking twice!

stunt scooter

Like many families we’ve had various scooters over the years, from three-wheelers when the kids were little to two-wheelers for scooting to and from school.

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We’ve never had a stunt scooter before though, and with a skatepark just down the road it was the perfect place to put the Rampage R1 through its paces.

SkateHut Rampage R1 stunt scooter review

If, like us, you haven’t bought or owned a stunt scooter before the Rampage R1 is dubbed the perfect entry level stunt scooter from SkateHut’s range of Neochrome Stunt Scooters, and is designed for beginners who want to develop their skills.

stunt scooter

It has a non-slip deck and grips on the handlebars, and is specifically designed for kids aged seven to 12 (although big kid Misery Guts *might* have had a go too!)

stunt scooter

It comes in a choice of two colours: neochrome and black or black and neochrome, and all the tools needed for assembly (two hex keys) are included in the box.

How much does it cost?

The 2023 Rampage R1 costs £124.95 from SkateHut, with free delivery on orders over £100. You can also get 5% off your next purchase by signing up for discounts and offers on SkateHut’s website.

stunt scooter

What did we think?

There’s no getting away from the fact the Rampage R1 is a smart bit of kit with plenty of curb appeal. With a sleek design the neochrome colourway glints in the light, and I couldn’t help but notice interested glances from other children in the skatepark as we got it out of its box and gave it our first test run.

stunt scooter

Assembling the scooter took less than five minutes, and it didn’t take much longer for Maxi (9) to master the basics.

The scooter is super lightweight making jumps easy, but there’s no need to panic because there’s a brake above the back wheel if and when they need to stop themselves.

stunt scooter

Our verdict

It wasn’t long before Maxi was whizzing up and down the ramps at our local skatepark (if you have a look at my Instagram and Facebook stories you’ll see what I mean) and it’s fair to say the Rampage is his new favourite toy.

stunt scooter

Depending on how adventurous (and experienced) your little ones are I’d recommend a helmet and elbow and kneepads while they get to grips with their scooting skills – and for you if you’re planning to have a go too!

The Rampage R1 is a nifty bit of kit that would make a great Christmas or birthday present, and at £124.95 it doesn’t break the bank which gets the thumbs up from me.

We were gifted the Rampage R1 2023 stunt scooter featured in this post. As always, all opinions are our own and based on our own honest experience.

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