With a school reception year and a few weeks of year one under my belt I’ve been reflecting on how much life has changed since BB started school.

As well as all the things I realised I needed to learn now I had a child at school and discovering I hate the school run (although I’ve kind of got used to it now), I’ve also realised there are a number of things no-one warns you about school.

Things no-one warns you about school

In no particular order…

Things no-one warns you about school

1. Velcro fluff. Velcro, particularly shoe velcro, becomes a magnet for all sorts of hair, dust and thread-related unmentionables. These unmentionables will need picking out on a regular basis, but it’s best not to think about it, or examine the contents too carefully.


2. Eau de PE kit. Do not, I repeat do not, sniff the PE kit at the end of term to determine whether it needs a wash. It will. Chuck it straight in the washing machine with a good dose of every washing-related concoction you can find under the kitchen sink. Then add a bit more for good measure.


3. Finger nail gunk. This is almost as bad as the velcro fluff, but not quite. It’s probably best not to think about the hows and whys, just don’t be surprised when they return home with a thick layer of the day’s grime firmly lodged under each nail. Don’t sniff this, either.

Things no-one warns you about school 2

4. Class teddy bears. I’ve mentioned these before but they’re so annoying I’m mentioning them again. The faff, the pressure, the feeling of guilt when you haven’t returned the diary bursting with adventurous photographs within 48 hours. Avoid at all costs if possible.

Things no-one warns you about school 1

5. Ditto class birthday parties. Although unfortunately there’s not much chance of avoiding these. Or avoiding organising one yourself. Just grin and bear it until the day finally comes when all they want to do is take two friends to the cinema. Possibly three.

Is there anything you wish you’d been warned about school? Have you had to deal with the dreaded velcro fluff and class teddy bear?

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