Have you heard about Victoria Beckham trademarking her daughter’s name?

Apparently she’s registered Harper Beckham, five, for use in branded products including perfume and make-up, as well as use in the entertainment industry.

Am I exploiting my kids?

Of course the red tops have had a field day, criticising Posh for exploiting her kids, and you’ve got to admit trademarking your child’s name does sound pretty ridiculous on the face of it.

But is she really exploiting her kids? Or is she actually being quite shrewd and protecting their future interests?

Either way it got me thinking. As a blogger, am I exploiting my kids? Because when you think about it there’s a fine line between the likes of the Beckhams and a blogger.

Am I exploiting my kids?

The fact is my blog wouldn’t exist without BB, Little B and Littlest B, all of whom feature in pretty much every single blog post I write, week in, week out, year in, year out.

They’re classic blogger’s children -I picture them eating the latest kids’ food, I video them wearing the latest nappies and I encourage them to smile and laugh while they’re doing it.

Am I exploiting my kids?

And then there’s the contracts I sign with baby brands, agreeing to endorse products by picturing my kids using them or support a campaign by filming my children taking part, in return for a fee.

Am I exploiting my kids?

There’s no doubt they enjoy experiences they simply wouldn’t have if I didn’t blog.

We’ve been to Majorca with Mumsnet, we’ve had the best holiday we’ve ever had as a family thanks to Hoburne Holidays, Little B has swum in the world’s first baby spa, BB has been to countless film premieres and Littlest B was quite literally showered with gifts when she was born in February. Some of their best childhood memories will probably be thanks to my blog.

But am I exploiting my kids?

Presumably there will come a time when BB doesn’t want to stand and smile at the camera with a product in her hand and Little B doesn’t want me to film him wearing whatever it is we’ve been sent to test.

What then?

Am I exploiting my kids? Are you a blogger and have you ever wondered whether you’re exploiting your kids? I’d love to know what you think!

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