Nose bleed shockThere’s nothing like a good shock to wake you up in the morning. I went into BB’s bedroom one morning this week and found what I thought was poo smeared all over her face.

My first thought was that there had been some kind of poonami in the night which had somehow spread throughout the bed, until I looked down and realised there was blood. Everywhere.

All over her face, all over the pillow, all over the duvet and sheet and all over her nightie, dried to the colour of rust. Or poo.

She’d had a nose bleed in the night, and had actually called out for a tissue sometime in the small hours, which I’d fetched without turning any lights on. I’d dabbed her nose, which she said was running, before putting the tissue next to her bed and stumbling back to bed. I could now see that tissue was covered in blood.

So there was a proper blood bath to clear up, and of course the sheets that happened to be on her bed that day were white.

Why do these things always happen before I’ve had my first cup of tea? That is a question I would love to know the answer to…