‘A sad moment for a well-known high street name’. Those are the words of administrators appointed to oversee the closure of Mothercare after almost 60 years trading.

And I couldn’t agree more.


As a mum of three I can’t tell you the number of items bearing Mothercare labels there are in our house, and with baby number four on the way I fully expected to be able to shop there again too.

For me Mothercare has been a go-to for everything from pottys and toilet training seats to Christmas presents and new clothes, and the thought of it not being there any more really does make me sad.

Why I’m sorry to say goodbye to Mothercare

My very first maternity and nursing clothes came from Mothercare, along with all manner of baby gear and equipment we still use today. One of the kids’ best-loved toys, played with by all three, is a red teapot house with a family of mice inside, along with too many other toys to mention.


My favourite and most sentimental baby clothes include Jools Oliver’s Little Bird range, exclusive to Mothercare, which was simply too good to resist and worn by all three.

And our imprints of tiny baby feet, taken in Mothercare, are among my most treasured possessions.

We even own vintage Mothercare from our own childhoods, handed down by grandparents – original 1980s labels and all (no idea what modal is!) – which we still use today. And if that isn’t value for money then I don’t know what is.


As I write Misery Guts’s childhood pillowcase is currently on the middle one’s bunk bed, and he loves it.


But all that said – presumably like many of us – I haven’t been into a Mothercare since our local store closed a couple of years ago. And therein lies the problem.

If you no longer have a physical shop to go into, the only option is to shop online. And the trouble is other people are selling the same thing for less and delivered faster. So, I’m not surprised to learn of Mothercare’s demise, but as a mum with a nostalgic affinity to a household name I am sorry. It really is a sad moment for a well-known high street name.


What do you think? Do you have parenting memories associated with Mothercare? Will you be sad to see it go too? I’d love to hear your point of view!

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