It’s been a busy week at Crummy Mummy HQ.

Our family of five has at last become six and…it’s a girl!

baby number four

Violet Hope joined us on Monday April 20, nine days late and weighing nine pounds exactly. Violet because it’s one of the first flowers of spring and we’ve chosen flower names for all our girls and Hope in a nod to the unprecedented time in which she entered the world. And it’s fair to say we’re smitten!

As you can see she’s got a rather fine head of hair, and the funny thing is she reminds us a lot of baby number one at the same age.

baby number four

It’s fair to say giving birth at the height of the coronavirus pandemic was interesting: I couldn’t have the water birth I hoped for and had with number two and number three because midwives aren’t currently allowed to put their hands in water, but I was able to labour in water and we soon got used to the masks and PPE gear they were forced to wear.

baby number four

Coronavirus aside it also wasn’t the labour and birth I expected: it was my longest and hardest yet owing to the fact she was back to back and there were various complications along the way, resulting in me having my waters broken and being hooked up to a heart monitor and culminating in her pooing on the way out. This meant it was straight to the resuscitaire when she was born to have her mouth and airways cleaned out, and an overnight stay in hospital which I’d hoped to avoid.

BUT she’s here now, and after a question mark hanging over whether Misery Guts would even be allowed to be with me for the birth or whether I’d have to give birth alone I’m just glad it’s all over and we’re home safe and well.

baby number four

So that’s it: I’m now the owner of three girls – a Bluebell, a Marigold and a Violet – along with their brother and we’re looking forward to sharing our life as a family of six with you – watch this space!

baby number four

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