For #MySundayPhoto this week I’m bringing you a little something I prepared earlier: BB’s sixth birthday cake! In the same week Littlest B turned six months old BB turned six years old and requested none other than a Trolls extravaganza. Owing to the small matter of making my brother’s wedding cake the weekend before her birthday I cheated slightly and bought the Trolls for the top rather than making them out of fondant icing which I would normally do, but on the plus side it saved time and she can play with them afterwards. Because the figurines were shop bought the cake is also an improvement on last year’s offering when Elsa ended up looking more like Princess Fiona from Shrek, but as I said at the time there’s no such thing as perfect! Have you had to produce a birthday cake recently? Do you have a go at it yourself or do you head straight to the supermarket?

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