Seventeen days. That’s how long it takes the average British parent to reach summer holiday breaking point according to new research by Drayton Manor Park.

Apparently we deal with an average of 13 sibling fights, two dropped ice creams, six public tantrums, 15 early morning wake up calls, two cancelled childcare emergencies and five long car journeys over the course of the holiday, with one in five of us citing summer the most stressful time of the year.

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We’re halfway through the six-week summer ‘break’ in our house, and I don’t know about you, but I feel broken! We’ve had all the usual tears, tantrums and more dens made out of anything that isn’t fixed down than I care to count, and as for the food bill – don’t even go there.

But apart from locking yourself in the loo (apparently we do that an average of six times over the summer) or sticking your head in a kitchen cupboard with a bar of chocolate when it all gets a bit much, what else can we do to diffuse school holiday overwhelm?

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I also asked some fellow parenting bloggers for their top tips on avoiding school holiday overwhelm, and here’s what they said!

Self care tips to avoid school holiday overwhelm

“I’m someone who needs my own headspace and the summer holidays can drive me a bit crazy,” admits Claire at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes. “I have Saturday mornings to myself which really helps me. And ditch the guilt about needing some space too.”

“I play hide and seek with the twins when I need a few minutes to myself,” says Rebecca at Becca Blogs It Out. “I’m a really slow counter and terrible at the finding bit. Sometimes it takes a good 10 minutes to find them!”

school holiday

“When my other half gets in and we have had tea he takes over and I go upstairs for half hour and watch an episode of whatever box set I’m watching and have some choc!” says Lianne at Anklebiter’s Adventures. “I look forward to it all day”.

“My hubby does the bedtimes as I do most of the childcare in the day,” says Victoria at Lylia Rose. “I find this works well and gives me time to have a breather at the end of the day.”

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“Take advantage of family who want your little ones to visit them over the holidays,” advises Ayse at Coffee and Cwtches. “It’s so much fun for them and you get the break!”

“Do a childcare swap with a friend: they have yours for a day then you have theirs for a day,” suggests Josie at Me, Them and the Others. “It’s hard work when you have extras on top of your own but so worth it when you get that day to yourself!”

school holiday

Are you feeling school holiday overwhelm too? Do you have any top tips for surviving? I’d love to know what they are!

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