As a mum of four beautiful children, it is vital that I help secure my family’s financial future.

A cost-effective way of ensuring my loved ones are taken care of if I were no longer around is to take out life insurance.

Polly life insurance

If the worst were to happen the proceeds from a life insurance payout could be used to clear the mortgage, cover family living costs, pay utility bills, meet childcare costs or leave an inheritance.

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But for those mums without life insurance cover in place, where should you go to secure the right policy at the best price?

Polly life insurance 2023 review

Polly specialises in providing life insurance for UK mums and below we explore their service in detail to help you make an informed decision…

Who are Polly life insurance?

Polly is a company that specialises in helping UK mums find suitable life insurance.

They provide a free broker service, sourcing multiple quotes for life insurance and serious illness products from leading FCA-regulated providers, such as Legal & General and Aviva.

Polly was formed in 2015 and to date they have helped more than 750,000 mums secure financial protection.

If you’re a mum or soon to be mum, then you may be considering Polly life insurance for your protection needs.

You may even have come across one of their hard-hitting celebrity ‘influencer’ videos on TV or social media, from the likes of:

  • Rebecca Adlington OBE
  • Jorgie Porter
  • Samantha Faiers
  • Helen Flanagan
  • Tamzin Outhwaite

In fact, the Polly brand stands out from other insurers and brokers due to the unique way in which they market life insurance products.

Polly life insurance

The results of these influencer campaigns have clearly been successful, aiding their significant business growth over the last eight years. But are they right for you?

Are Polly life insurance legitimate?

Yes. Polly is a legitimate company that provides life insurance and serious illness products.

The Polly and Tom (life insurance for dads) brands are owned and operated by Candid Insurance Services Ltd, a life insurance company based in Bristol.

Candid is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and can be found on the Financial Services Register under number 603273.

The FCA exist to protect consumers from the harm caused by bad conduct in financial services, promoting effective competition in the best interests of consumers.

Polly life insurance reviews

A good way of establishing whether a life insurance broker is any good is to look at what their customers are saying about their service on reputable review websites.

At the time of writing this review Polly have acquired an impressive 5,133 customer reviews on Trustpilot with an overall rating of “Excellent” based on an average score of 4.8 out of 5.

Polly life insurance

91% of these reviews were ranked as 5 stars and only 4% were 1 star.

On the feedback was less favourable, having generated 33 reviews with just 55% of customers recommending their services.

Whilst review websites can provide you with some insight into the credibility of a company, it is only ever a useful guide.

How to buy life insurance through Polly

You can purchase Polly life insurance by visiting their website and filling in the free online quote form.

Once you have submitted the form, a Polly life insurance advisor will give you call via the number you’ve provided.

They’ll ask about your requirements, such as what you want to cover, how much cover you need and for how long.

Polly is an advised company, which means they’ll offer you advice on which policies will be most suitable.

They’ll also ask you some questions regarding your health and lifestyle to calculate your monthly premium cost.

Polly doesn’t charge a fee for their quote service, and you’re not obliged to take out a policy through them.

It’s always important to compare quotes from different insurers before choosing Polly, as you may find a cheaper quote elsewhere.

You could compare additional quotes through another broker such as Reassured (who offer a buy online facility) or Cavendish (although they charge an admin fee). Alternatively, you could use a comparison website such as CompareTheMarket.

Polly life insurance

Whichever option you choose, the important thing is that you do compare multiple quotes as due to different underwriting processes costs can vary. Even a small saving each month, could add up to a significant sum over the lifetime of the policy (up to 40 years).

Types of life insurance available through Polly

There are multiple life insurance policy types, each better suited to protecting different aspects of your life. Polly offers a wide array of policy types, including:

  • Level term life insurance (pay out amount remains fixed throughout the set policy term)
  • Decreasing term life insurance (pay out amount decreases throughout the policy term, sometimes referred to as ‘mortgage life insurance’ and commonly used to cover a repayment mortgage)
  • Whole of life insurance (guarantees a pay out when not if you pass away)
  • Over 50 life insurance (no medical questions asked and usually used to cover rising funeral costs)
  • Critical illness cover (provides a pay out if you become critically ill and are unable to work)

How much does Polly life insurance cost?

The cost of any life insurance is calculated based on your personal circumstances and the risk you pose to the insurer. The greater the risk (or put another way the likelihood of a claim) the higher your monthly premium.

Polly claims that most mums can get covered through their service for between £10 – £20 a month.

Polly life insurance

The following key factors impact your monthly premium:

–              Age

–              Health and welling

–              Medical history

–              Smoking status

–              Weight/BMI

–              Lifestyle

–              Occupation

The above information as well as your chosen policy type, cover amount and term length will determine your monthly premium.

Age is the key factor which determines the cost of your cover, the younger you are the cheaper it will be. In fact, a healthy adult in their 20s could receive £250,000 of cover from under 20p a day.

Does Polly life insurance pay out?

Yes. Polly life insurance will pay out a claim if:

–               Your monthly premium payments are up to date

–               You were truthful on your application form

–               You pass away during the agreed policy term.

In general, 98% of UK life insurance claims result in a successful payout.

The most common reason for unsuccessful claims is due to non-disclosure. Non-disclosure is when you’re not completely truthful on your application form.

Any false information provided when you take out your policy is likely to be discovered and will invalidate your cover, so always be 100% honest to ensure your investment is not wasted.

Polly life insurance contact details

The contact details for Polly life insurance are shown below:

920 Hempton Court,

Aztec West

West Almondsbury


BS32 4SR

Contact number: 0808 175 4747

Email: hello [at]

Polly life insurance

Polly life insurance summary

If you’re a parent with financial dependents, then life insurance can be crucial. However, it’s sensible to compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best available deal.

The positives of using Polly to compare life insurance quotes are as follows:

  • Free, easy to use service
  • Saves time and money
  • Excellent customer reviews & established
  • Choice of policy options
  • Regulated by the FCA
  • Access to life insurance experts

No one ever likes to contemplate what would happen to our loved ones if we were no longer around to provide. But, if the last few years with the COVID pandemic taught us anything, it is that you never know what the future holds.

Life insurance is simply a financial safety blanket for a worst-case scenario, a scenario we all hope will never occur. However, having life insurance protection in place provides reassuring peace of mind that our loved ones are safe and it could be the best investment we ever make.

Polly life insurance





Have you taken out a life insurance policy recently, or are you thinking about getting cover? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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