It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to the big day, every bride wants everything to be just right.

Every year new colour schemes, trends, and seasonal themes become all the rage and with the wedding season finally getting back to normal after the pandemic, 2023 promises some fabulous offerings.

wedding trends

Whether you’re thinking about trending colours (think Pantone’s colour of the year, magenta) or you’re thinking of more personal elements like the engagement ring or dress, look no further.

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This collaborative post rounds up some of the top wedding trends for 2023 that will have your friends, family and other brides in complete awe.

Top wedding trends for 2023!

Vintage engagement rings are in

It’s no secret that vintage shopping has become all the rage, and jewellery has become a big part of that, especially for those special pieces. Vintage engagement rings are particularly popular for couples who are looking for something different from the ordinary – as pretty as a princess cut diamond is, many brides are turning their attention to precious gemstones like emeralds and rubies instead.

wedding trends

Many modern designs and styles have been inspired by those of the past. There’s bound to be a dealer or shop in your area specialising in vintage jewellery, or look online to portals like 1st Dibs or The Hoarde to find a reputable dealer.

Colourful dresses take centre stage

Wearing white on your wedding day has long been a western tradition, sparked by Queen Victoria’s own wedding outfit. But this year, more brides are turning their attention to brighter colour palettes, from statement reds to calming blues, or for some, a black dress is their way of making a real statement. If you don’t feel quite brave enough, something subtle like a pale pink wedding dress, or even a white dress with some colourful additions can also look lovely.

wedding trends

Al fresco weddings

Since the lockdowns we no longer wish to remember, our appreciation for the outdoors and green spaces has never been greater. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that couples are opting for outdoor weddings, particularly when it comes to summer weddings. Think festival fun, boho celebrations and woodland weddings – often more casual, you can really have fun with themes here. Do bear in mind that you’ll need to look to locations that offer plentiful outdoor space – think more rural locations like Gloucestershire, East Sussex or Monmouthshire.

wedding trends

City break honeymoons are this year’s winner

For so long, honeymoons have been beautiful beach escapes in coastal locations – just think of the Maldives, South of France and Italy’s picturesque coast. But this year, couples are craving new cultural experiences, something city breaks offer in abundance. Opt for somewhere European like Venice, Paris or Amsterdam, all of which offer romance and adventure, or head further afield to the likes of Tokyo, New York or Melbourne for a rejuvenating experience.

wedding trends

This is a collaborative post.

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