Planning a campervan trip with kids? Wondering what essentials to pack – and what’s best left at home?

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campervan trip with kids

There are an estimated 225,000 motor homes and campervans on Britain’s roads if the figures are to be believed and with summer on the way the holidays are much closer than we think.

Working out what to do for a holiday with kids can be a stressful thing, and one increasingly popular post-pandemic contender has emerged in the form of the campervan road trip. This quintessential British holiday tradition has seen something of a resurgence in recent years, in part due to a surge in the building of ‘tiny homes’ in transit vans and older campers.

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Campervanning can be a brilliant way to see the best of Britain with family and friends, but planning for one is crucial. In this collaborative post here are some key essentials to consider before leaving the house.

What to pack for a campervan trip with kids

Camping items

It might sound obvious but firstly you’ll want to pull together some simple camping supplies to ensure you’re comfortable and well-accommodated during overnight stays. Battery or solar-powered camping lights are a must to help you in the dark, and if you want to sit outside you’ll also need to think about things like camping chairs and a folding table. A windbreak can make relaxing by your camper much more comfortable, too.

Safety & emergency supplies

Safety should be a paramount concern when planning your campervan holiday. Before you get carried away with the rest of your packing, you should make sure you’ve covered the basics for safety. A first aid kit is a must, because not only can the great outdoors be a tiny bit hostile, but any accidents you have from cooking or maintaining your camper could get nasty without treatment.

It’s also a good idea to bring a generator, to ensure that you have access to power even if you are nowhere near a charging point. Generators can ensure your phones remain charged wherever you are, and can even help you jump-start your camper if you know what you’re doing!

Kitchen essentials

One of the benefits of using a campervan over simply camping is that your campervan will come with, essentially, a fully-featured kitchen and storage. This means you can cook up a storm without huddling over a poorly-maintained fire or cheap gas camping stove! Make the most of your culinary conveniences by bringing the right equipment to make your life even easier. Pots and pans are naturally a must, as are various herbs, spices and condiments to add flavour. You may also want to bring a knife and chopping board to prepare food properly – just ensure your knives are safely stored as you camp!

This is a collaborative post.

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