It’s no secret – or surprise – that pregnancy changes your body.

After growing a human being and either pushing it out of your foo-foo or having it surgically removed from the top it would be strange if it didn’t change in some way. But what has come as a surprise to me is the downright weird ways pregnancy changes your body (and I’m not just talking about your face).

10 weird ways pregnancy changes your body

I’ve been having problems with my eye sight ever since Littlest B was born – my vision has been blurred, sometimes I’ve been seeing double and I’ve been walking around squinting out of each eye trying to work out what the problem is.

Terrified there was something seriously wrong (did I have a brain tumour? Was I losing my sight? Was I simply so tired I couldn’t see straight anymore?) or that I was finally going round the twist thanks to the Lost Sleep of Motherhood I went to the doctor, who rather unhelpfully scratched his head and rubbed his chin and sent me to the optician.

It turns out the problem was none of the above. Since having baby number three my vision has in fact improved, meaning I’m not as short sighted as I once was and I’ve been walking around wearing contact lenses and glasses that have been over-correcting my vision.

So no wonder my sight was blurred, I was seeing double and I was walking around squinting trying to work out what the problem was! The optician put the change down to my pregnancy, and it turns out I’m not the only one whose body has done weird things.

I’ve canvassed some fellow bloggers to find out how pregnancy changed their bodies, and the results range from the bizarre to the hilarious.

10 weird ways pregnancy changes your body

1. It can make your eyesight better – or worse.

“I spent £3,000 having my eyes lasered and had perfect vision. Then I had my first baby and pregnancy hormones caused me to become short sighted again. The optician said that it wouldn’t go back to normal until I stopped breastfeeding, but I have been pregnant, breastfeeding or both for the last five years so had to go back to wearing glasses.” Sian at Quite Frankly She Said.

2. It can make your feet shrink.

“My feet shrank by a whole shoe size after having my first baby. I literally had to buy a whole wardrobe of new shoes!” Laura at Five Little Doves.

3. It can make your feet grow.

“My feet went up two sizes. I had massive pregnancy swelling that just never went down – it’s been eight years now so I should give up hope of ever fitting into my pretty size fives again.” Kelly at Lets Go Somewhere Nice.

4. It can put you off alcohol – for life.

“I became allergic to alcohol! Ten years on I still can’t touch the stuff – it’s really not fair.” Tracey at Pack the PJs.

5. It can make you look like you’ve got an alien in your tummy.

“I had really bad muscle separation when having my twins so I’m left with a weird dome shape in between my ribs when I lean backwards. Very odd!” Beth at Twinderelmo.

6. It can make your hair curly.

“My hair went from dead straight to wavy after my first daughter. It was like I woke up after labour with a perm.” Lucy at Real Mum Reviews.

7. It can make your hair change colour.

“My hair colour changed almost overnight. I went from being a dark blonde to dark brunette. My natural hair colour now looks too dark for me.” Emma at Island Living 365.

8. It does weird things to your belly button.

“My belly button is all of a sudden very big and squishy and shriveled (and dare I say it – deep!) It really freaks me out, and I worry what another pregnancy would do to it!” Abi at Something About Baby.

9. It can make you taller.

“I grew an inch after my first baby which means I know have to try and find size 6 trousers with a 34in leg!” Vanessa at Jibber Jabber UK.

10. It can make you smell sneezes.

“I can now smell my sneezes – like a sweet pollen smell. I definitely couldn’t before!” Natasha at Mummy and Moose.

Has pregnancy changed your body in a weird way? I’d love to hear how!

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