Sleep. If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know I talk about sleep – my lack of it and (trying) to get the kids to do it – a lot.

That’s the trouble with something you want but can’t have – it makes you want it even more.

apps to help your baby sleep

As a parent it’s probably safe to say you’re functioning on the least sleep you’ve ever had, and as a mum of three who’s exclusively breastfed all three babies that’s certainly true for me.

I’m ‘blessed’ with children who don’t sleep through the night until around the age of two, and as a result I’ve tried everything over the years to try and coerce them into doing it from all manner of tricks to co-sleeping to the no-nonsense approach of establishing a bedtime routine at six months for baby number three.

What I’ve never tried though is an app, so when sleep specialists The Sleep Advisor got in touch and offered to write a guest post on the best apps to help your baby sleep through the night I welcomed them with open arms.

Quite frankly I’ll try anything, so to mark World Sleep Day 2018 here are here are 4 apps The Sleep Advisor promise will help your baby sleep through the night.

4 apps to help your baby sleep through the night

1. Baby Snooze
iTunes | $2.99

You know what really helps babies go to sleep? White noise. Soothing sounds in the background can be instrumental in helping your baby drift off and Baby Snooze is an app that will do just that. It loops all the greatest hits of non-invasive everyday background noises, including all-time classics like ‘rain’, ‘heartbeat’, ‘hair dryer’, ‘car drone’, ‘vacuum cleaner’ and straight forward ‘white noise’.

apps to help your baby sleep

2. Lullaby for Babies
Android | free

There’s no need to sing your baby to sleep when this app will do it for you. Lullaby for Babies does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a simple app that plays a nice, breezy song to wind them down and send them drifting off to sleep. It also displays adorable background imagery as the music plays each song and features on-screen arrows to control the volume and select the music.

apps to help your baby sleep

3. SleepHero
iTunes | £1.99

Touted as the ‘app to help parents get more sleep’ SleepHero uses white noise to help babies and toddlers drift off. The app allows you to record your own sounds, lullabies and bedtime stories and sports a handy playback sleep timer, autopilot monitor, a white noise library that includes 35 calming sound effects (hair dryer included!) and a sticker chart that rewards your child for sleeping. What’s more, if you connect your device to a smartphone projector, SleepHero will play a video on the ceiling. Which you’ve got to admit is pretty clever!

apps to help your baby sleep

4. Goodnight Safari
iTunes | free

Aimed at children aged two to four Goodnight Safari involves reading and is a great introduction to books as well as a sleep app. But what makes Goodnight Safari really clever is helping your child develop a reliable sleep pattern at night. Your child can help guide safari animals including rhinos, elephants and giraffes through their bedtime routine like eating dinner, bathing, and getting a goodnight kiss. The app includes ‘read to me’ or ‘read alone’ features so you can increase or decrease the involvement in your child’s sleep as much as you want.

apps to help your baby sleep

Have you ever used an app to help get your baby to sleep through the night? Did it work? I’d love to hear your experience!

This post is brought to you by The Sleep Advisor.

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