Burgers, pizza and chips. Those tend to be the go-to types of restaurants we look for when out and about with the kids, mainly because they’re easy, cheap and you’ll know they’ll eat it.

But have you ever considered something a little different?

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

We were recently asked to try out Thai restaurant chain Giggling Squid’s new tapas menu for kids, and I must admit that while I love Thai food a Thai restaurant isn’t necessarily the sort of place I’d consider taking the kids.

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids 3

There’s nothing worse than them pulling faces at food they don’t recognise, refusing to eat what you’ve paid for and making a meal out miserable for everyone, which is why it’s just easier to go for a safe bet.

But it turns out I was wrong and during our visit to the Giggling Squid I realised that actually Thai food is great for kids. Here’s why.

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

1. It’s healthy. Traditionally Thai food is lightly prepared with a focus on protein, colour and aromatic flavours with lots of herbs and spices. All big ticks when it comes to getting them to eat a varied diet.

2. They can eat it with their fingers. The Giggling Squid’s new ‘little tapas for little people’ menu (£5.95 for two dishes) has a focus on finger food – there’s chicken satay on skewers, spring rolls and prawn crackers, all with dipping sauce.

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

3. You can hide things in it. Things they’d normally turn their nose up at, like peppers, coriander, prawns and onions.

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

4. It keeps them fuller for longer. My two absolutely adore sticky rice and they’ll happily eat the lot. It fills them up for hours afterwards, unlike certain other kid-friendly restaurant chains when they’re hungry again half an hour later.

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

5. You can have a civilized family meal instead of a chimpanzee’s tea party. Having never been to a Giggling Squid restaurant before I had no idea what to expect. We went at lunchtime when you’ll find tapas sets for grown-ups, so you don’t need to eat what they’re eating, as well as the kids’ tapas. There are games on the kids’ menu and felt pens are provided, so Misery Guts and I could actually sit back and enjoy a meal while the kids were occupied.

5 reasons Thai food is great for kids

Have you ever given your kids Thai food and have you ever been to a Giggling Squid restaurant? Or is a Thai restaurant somewhere you’ve never considered taking the kids before?

We were given a meal at our local Giggling Squid free of charge in exchange for this review. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.

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