More than 2.4 billion. That’s how many Google search results there are on ways to take better care of yourself and better care of your body.

The truth is we could probably all do with looking after ourselves a bit more, but what with work, family life and all the other commitments we have it can be easy to forget about ourselves when we’re busy looking after other people.

better care of your body

At the time of writing we’re in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown and having just had baby number four I know taking care of my health – and that of our family – is more important than ever.

I’ll also be 40 in a few months’ time – something I’ve not really given much thought what with the coronavirus pandemic and the impending arrival of our new baby – but I know it’s creeping up on me! So, if you’d like to take better care of yourself too in this collaborative post here are 5 simple ways to take better care of your body.

5 simple ways to take better care of your body

1. Switch to a plant-based diet

There’s increasing evidence to suggest that switching to a plant-based diet leads to healthier hearts, decreased diabetes and cancer risk and better nutrition all round. Whether you decide to eat meat-free once a week or go completely vegan, eating more plant-based foods can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and help you maintain a healthy weight. If you’re worried about nutrient deficiency as a result of changing your diet you could consider taking a vegan test for common nutrient deficiencies vegans may encounter if not eating a balanced diet (click here for a 15% off offer for our US readers).

better care of your body

2. Make sure you’re getting the right vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals work together to make sure your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs – and they carry out hundreds of roles in the body. This is why so many people look for supplements to keep their body functioning as best it can. You can look for tablets, oils, and even softgels (there are a lot of softgel manufacturer companies that supply these to various shops) to make sure you get the nutrients you need. As well as converting food into energy they repair damage, boost your immune system and are an important source of essential fatty acids. If you’re unsure whether you’re getting what your body needs through diet and supplements, nutritional health testing can reveal what you’re lacking and what your body needs to make sure you’re as healthy as you possibly can be (again, here’s a 15% off offer for our US readers).

better care of your body

3. Make sleep part of your self-care routine

The importance of sleep when it comes to taking care of your body cannot be underestimated – as any sleep deprived parent will tell you! Not only is sleep responsible for healing, it helps repair your heart and blood vessels and of course helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep a night to make sure you’re functioning at your best.

better care of your body

4. Exercise

Did you know that the average person can burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes of moderate exercise? So, if you add an extra 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine that’s an extra 2,100 calories burned a week, which equates to more than half a pound of fat. And if you keep at it you’ll not only feel better in yourself but will lose weight too.

better care of your body

5. Cut one unhealthy thing out of your diet

Whether it’s a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate, a cigarette or something else, cutting one unhealthy thing out of your diet can help you feel better both physically and mentally – and breaking a habit could inspire you to make even bigger changes to take better care of your body too!

better care of your body

Do you have any top tips for taking better care of your body? I’d love to know what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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