The new wave of electronic devices means kids tend to spend plenty of hours indoors, and less time in the outside world.

Outdoor play is critical to children’s well-being, so creating a space where kids can play and have fun outdoors has so many benefits.

playground ideas

An outdoor playground is a guaranteed way to engage little ones for hours, providing an outlet for excess energy and encouraging creativity.

Don’t worry about compromising your back garden style, as plenty of playground ideas can be adapted to suit the garden’s theme, the local climate or your favourite materials and finishes.

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A well-designed playground area can stimulate imaginative play, develop a child’s confidence and provide the best opportunity for physical exercise. So, in this collaborative post here are some back garden playground ideas to consider so that kids can play all day long. 

7 back garden playground ideas for kids

1. Design a space for hands-on play

Creating a play space with natural materials will instantly have a visual charm and irresistible appeal and also bring other benefits for children. This is why it is good to add elements that include malleable materials, like a sandbox, or offer water access so kids can play freely. In this space, kids can let their creativity go wild and bring to life castles, volcanoes, mud pies or anything else their imagination might want.

playground ideas

These types of back garden ideas don’t need to dominate the whole garden or be large, as this project can also take place on a small side of the garden. 

2. Introduce sensory & colourful surfaces to a play area

Having a practical but fun play surface can be the element that will make your play area a successful project. However, keep in mind various considerations, including choosing a surface that is mud-free, long-lasting and forgiving to falls, bumps and scrapes. Luckily, there are several options out there that will help you have an engaging and varied play space. 

For example, soft rubber crumb surfaces have become very popular in commercial playgrounds and are also making their way into residential projects. 

3. Create a sitting area

Consider adding sitting areas where kids can relax after running and playing all day. Also, you can transform the look of your outdoor space with plenty of patio furniture, and you might finally make your kids leave the indoors and spend their time in fresh air. You can choose from plenty of furniture for your backyard, from chic sofas with many styles and pops of colour to dining tables that will welcome the entire family. 

playground ideas

However, choosing the right fabric and materials is very important because this furniture will be exposed to changing weather conditions, like rain or snow. Outdoor upholstery fabric is a good option as it will resist bad weather conditions, is easy to maintain, durable, and water resistant. Also, the fabric is stain-resistant, so you will not have to worry that your kids might make it dirty, as it is easy to clean.

4. Consider making trees an important feature in your play space

Making a secret area in the garden has always been an appealing alternative for kids, particularly if this area is placed somewhere high up, where kids can spy on others. Kids always want to try out new opportunities, so providing a treehouse, climbable tree, raised deck, or other elements will provide plenty of fun hours and bring other advantages, as well, including emotional development benefits and access to physical challenges. 

Trees are not only good for creating viewing platforms and climbing options but can also support slides and swings. Children need something that will allow them to jump, swing, and slide, as these will be one of the most used items in the playground and will also develop their sense of balance. 

5. Add a crafty corner for kids

You can make kids feel better outside by giving them a quiet and dedicated spot. Here, kids can have a table and chair and spend plenty of hours drawing or creating a DIY project. To make this area cosier, add some plants with names that will appeal to kids, such as Little Bunny Pennisetum, Goblin Gaillardia, Lamb’s Ear, Firecracker penstemon or Sneezeweed. 

playground ideas

6. Don’t forget about a digging spot

Whether it is a gravel patch, mud pies or a tiny sandbox, shaping or digging natural materials has a never-ending appeal. Also, this place will occupy the hands and imagination of kids of all ages and offer opportunities for mark making, construction, small world play, strengthening muscles and developing fine motor skills. 

playground ideas

7. Make a miniature world

A huge amount of outside space is not essential for kids to have imaginative play. Instead, sometimes, the tiniest details can offer plenty of hours of entertainment and ignite the imagination of kids of all ages. You could create a fairy miniature world with homes designed for little people. With creative magic, some logs, flowerpots, bird boxes, or old gumboots can be reimagined into tiny dwellings full of personal touches and individual charm. 

playground ideas

Try to create a natural-looking habitat, which can be made by using small coloured stones, natural plants and moss. This is a creative idea where kids can spend plenty of fun hours playing. 


An outdoor playground is a fun and educational activity that will bring tons of benefits to children, including helping them exercise, teaching new skills, and providing a fun social environment. If you want to create an outdoor space for your kids, you need to consider the location first and build this area in an accessible and safe spot. You may also want to choose a theme inspired by your child’s favourite book or TV series. Does your little one like knights, pirates, barbies or dinosaurs? Then why not transform your garden into something that makes them feel like their favourite characters!

playground ideas

This is a collaborative post.

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