Travelling with family can be a beautiful adventure, but it comes with its unique set of challenges, especially for busy mums.

The rush of family trips can leave little time for thoughtful wardrobe choices, and this can leave a lot of mums with little room to express their sense of style while on the road or exploring new places.

travelling with kids

At the same time, it’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of juggling multiple roles and ensuring everyone has the essentials. The taxing process of prioritising the needs of others and worrying about the logistics of travel can mean we forget to think about ourselves.

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Of course, it can be easier to avoid fashion fails if we are aware of them. This is collaborative post shares some common clothing-related mishaps that it’s easy to make during family trips and the solutions that will help you navigate your journey with confidence and comfort.

7 fashion mistakes to avoid when travelling with kids

1. Ignoring personal style

It’s not out of the ordinary for busy mums to neglect their personal style amidst the chaos of family travel. Due to the demands of travelling with family, many mothers opt for purely practical clothing, and this can sometimes lead to feeling disconnected from your fashion identity.

To prevent this feeling from dampening the memory of your journey, infuse your personal style into your travel wardrobe with thoughtful accessory choices. Scarves, statement jewellery, or a stylish handbag can elevate even the most practical outfits, adding a touch of personality. If you’re wearing leggings or jeggings so you can move easily during the trip, choose prints and patterns that resonate with your style and personality. These small additions are easy to pack and can transform your look without sacrificing comfort. Remember that embracing your personal style, even while travelling with the family, allows you to feel confident and to express your unique fashion sense amidst the whirlwind of adventures.

travelling with kids

2. Overpacking

Overpacking is a common mistake busy mums make when preparing for family travel. It’s easy, after all, to get lost in the enthusiasm to ensure everyone has what they need. Many people tend to worry about forgetting items that the family might end up needing down the road. As a response to this practical concern, it’s easy to go overboard and pack items to accommodate every possible scenario.

The simplest way to get around this issue is to create a packing list and organise items for each family member. If you’re worried about matching outfits while on the road, stick to classic or versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched with other pieces. This can help reduce the number of items you need. At the same time, opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics to save space and time on ironing. Use packing cubes to organise your belongings efficiently and consider rolling your clothes to maximise space in your luggage.

3. Prioritising style over comfort

Neglecting comfort while travelling with the family can lead to a less enjoyable trip. This can happen when you make the mistake of prioritising fashion over comfort and wearing clothing that restricts movement during long walks and sightseeing. It’s a must to strike a balance between style and comfort when you’re out and about. One of the most convenient ways of doing this is by selecting clothing made from breathable and stretchy fabrics for your trip. Bringing comfortable, supportive footwear is also a must for the entire family, especially for mums who often lead the way. Consider wearing layers, too, as they allow you to adjust to changing weather conditions easily. Don’t forget to pack a few stylish yet comfortable athleisure pieces for travel days, which combine fashion and comfort effortlessly.

travelling with kids

4. Failing to consider local culture

Failing to consider local culture and customs is a common fashion mistake for many travellers, and it can be easy to make when you’re preparing luggage for the entire family. Mums may unintentionally overlook the importance of dressing respectfully in foreign destinations, especially when traveling to regions or countries with dress codes and cultural norms different from your own. Research is key to preventing this issue. Look up your travel destination’s cultural expectations while preparing for the trip. Then, make an effort to pack clothing that adheres to local customs, such as modest attire when visiting religious sites. When in doubt, opting for more conservative clothing choices ensures that you respect local traditions and minimise any unintended discomfort or cultural misunderstandings.

5. Failing to account for the weather

Failing to prepare for the weather is another run-of-the-mill fashion issue during family trips. It can be that the weather is different from what you expect, which can be a cause of discomfort for the family. It’s difficult to enjoy new views when you’re dealing with excessive heat and humidity, for example.

Make it a habit, then, to check the weather forecast for your travel destination. After doing your due diligence, pack clothing suitable for the expected conditions, including layers for fluctuating temperatures. Don’t forget to include essentials like a lightweight rain jacket or a cardigan for cooler evenings. By staying weather-conscious, you ensure that your family is prepared for whatever mother nature has in store.

travelling with kids

6. Not planning for dressy occasions

It’s easy for forget about formal events or dining experiences that require a more polished appearance when travelling with family. This can be a cause of concern when such an opportunity does appear in the middle of your journey. To avoid this mistake, pack at least one versatile, dressy outfit for yourself and other family members. Choose clothing items that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories, allowing you to be prepared for any unexpected occasion. This thoughtful planning ensures that you won’t find yourselves underdressed when special events arise. If you work in a creative capacity like in marketing, advertising, graphic design, fashion, illustration, or copywriting, some of your business casual wardrobe pieces might already suffice to elevate your travel outfits.

7. Forgetting to prepare for spills & accidents

Failing to prepare for spills and accidents, especially when travelling with kids, can lead to unexpected stress. Keep the possibility of cleaning up after spills and messes in mind when packing your luggage. Do this by including stain-removing wipes in your travel arsenal and keeping a change of clothing for both yourself and your little ones in your carry-on bag. Dark-coloured clothing for kids can also be a practical choice to help conceal stains. Being prepared for accidents ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable family trip without unexpected wardrobe challenges.

While these mistakes can easily happen amid the excitement of adventure, recognising them can empower us to take proactive steps to avoid them in the first place. By incorporating the tips and solutions in this post into your travel preparations, you can ensure that your family trips can become more memorable, stylish, and hassle-free.

travelling with kids

This is a collaborative post.

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