Three weddings, at three different venues, requiring three very different outfits. That’s what we’ve got coming up this summer: one at a London cathedral, one at an Italian vineyard and one by the sea in Brighton.

Usually I’d jump at the prospect of a shopping spree to buy outfits for all three, but when you’re breastfeeding wedding outfit shopping can equal one big problem. Especially if you’re on maternity leave and on a limited budget.

Breastfeeding friendly wedding guest outfits main

Regular readers will know I’m not a fan of boring snoring tailor-made nursing clothes, and prefer to opt for breastfeeding friendly normal clothes instead (my Joe Browns vintage tea dress was just the job when I appeared on ITV’s This Morning this week).

So what can you wear that’s ‘normal’ when it comes to weddings, without breaking the bank?

Here’s my pick of what summer 2017 has to offer.

Breastfeeding friendly wedding guest outfits

1. Ralph Lauren Magnolia summer dress – £130 (was £259.99). Like my Joe Browns vintage tea dress, thanks to the deep v-neck and with the help of a scarf you can slip your arm out of this one to feed. I love the bright colours which you can team with anything accessories-wise, and with 50% off you can’t go wrong.

Ralph Lauren Magnolia summer dress

2. Ted Baker Senona lace dress – £399 (was £699). Ok so this is slightly on the pricey side, but it is almost half price and it is gorgeous. I find strapless dresses perfect for breastfeeding because, once again, with the help of a scarf or wrap you can slip a boob out and bingo.

Ted Baker floral printed lace dress

3. Karen Millen cocktail dress – £122.49 (was £174.99). I find anything with a v-neck at the front and the back does a sterling job when it comes to easy boob access. This cocktail dress is both classic and stylish so it should last a few seasons too.

Karen Millen cocktail dressAnd the added bonus of buying outfits that aren’t especially for breastfeeding is that you can continue to wear them when you’re done being a milk bar.

Are you breastfeeding at the moment and are you off to any weddings this summer? If you’ve got any tips I’d love to hear them!

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